Maulus hull similarity

I just noticed that the Maulus looks kinda similar to the Slave One(that one star wars ship) is it just me?


Interesting observation, I agree it does look somewhat similar though I always thought it looked like a Puffer fish.


I could see the navitas as a pufferfish, but not the Maulus

The ship needs to be burned with fire.

Specifically, with caldari inferno torpedoes at 10000000 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Oh, you don’t like EWAR? Or you just don’t like how it looks?

And what else would you burn it with? Water?

Lets see who gets this:


No way that navitas looks like a rock cod

I don’t know fish

I don’t know Star Wars ship names other than the DeathStar and Imperial Walkers

Eh, fair enough, and i know a few Star Wars ship names even tho I’m a trekkie

That’s great! :grinning:

We are the Frostpacker, high expectations are futile!

@Uriel_the_Flame can confirm.


If I had high expectations, i wouldn’t be on a forum about space pixels (lol, I’m kidding, mostly)



Perhaps you are similar to our ways and in saying such welcome aboard to these forums Pilot!

Thanks :slight_smile:

i like the maulus, its such a lovely and versatile ship. she always reminds me of a fencing mask that is used in various blade oriented combat sports/martial arts.

i wish its navy variant would meet the expectations it visually promises.

Yea, I think it is pretty cool, it’s too bad they didn’t use this as the Gallente explo frig and the imicus as the Gallente damp/ewar

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What does ISD stand for

It used to be that way, the maulus hull was used for the Helios. This got changed in Trinity iirc, around 2007.

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yeah that stinks that its not that way

Wait until you see how close the vindicator and the megathron look.