Max dps citadel ereaser battleship

I used to bash structures a lot a year ago. I made some research and this is what I found out:
Vindicator is the best DPS ship in highsec, polarized or not.
Nightmare is the second best, the advantage of Nightmare is that you don’t need to reload so it is perfect for alts or afk-bashing (but both ships are too pricy to leave them completely afk anyway) AND more importantly, can be fit very tanky without sacrificing DPS. If you would have to fit Vindicator to withstand citadel attacks you would lose too much dps, Nightmare won’t.
Oracle is very cheap choice well suited for alts and afk-bashing as there is no reload, also good for alpha friends who would want to join you.

Don’t forget to use best t2 drones the ship can handle, T2 Ogres do more damage than sentry or Geckos, use at least level3 implants for the weapon your ships is using + level3 rapid fire + level3 surgical strike implant. Also worth it to use at least basic damage booster (the one from blood raider event).

But obviously the precursor ships are the best now if you can fly them.

Amarr Lasers and Trig Disintegrators don’t have reloading issues, both reload T2 ammo and lens in a split second.

Due to the amount time you’re bashing the disintegrators will always out damage any other weapon system.

For example I’ve brought a Leshak in on a structure bash, the fleet were already 2/3 way through the shields, by the end of the bash the Leshak had done 28.9% of the total damage and the highest damage of all the fleet.
Now remember the fleet were already bashing the structure before the Leshak turned up.

The fleet was made up of every battleship listed above, the Leshak wasn’t even fully fitted for DPS, only had Veles disintegrator, 2× radsinks, 2× Geckos and using occult ammo, best individual turret hit was just under 19k HP.
The next best damage was 25% by a DPS Rattlesnake that had started the bash.

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i can clearly sacrifice tank for dps as potential defenders never used the structure. keeping locator agents on them but no result so can put evrything on one card.

leshak has only one downside,the ramp um takes 12-13 cycles for full spool up then applies full damage.

i dont plan afk so i guess to give it a try and bash it with two dominix navy.

what is actually minimum dps needed to pause fortizar repair timer? the astrahus has like 800-900 minimum but fortizar?

Max DPS Vindicator is able to pause Fortizar and bash it in about 50minutes alone (although I think the timer sometimes unpauses between low damage rounds for a second or two but it doesn’t matter). 2 Dominixes should provide similar result as one vindi.

The Leshak’s ramp up damage doesn’t matter since you will be there at least 40 minutes due to damage cap (I think it is 40minutes minimal time even if you have 100+ players, lower citadels are 20min at least)

Heh, yeah I didn’t bother fitting it up, but unfortunately your posted fit breaks the bank, PYFA says it’ll cost 1.18 bil as is, well over the 600-750mil the OP has stated is his budget for a structure basher… I don’t think anyone will be able to match the ask, but guess there’s no harm in trying :slight_smile:


Not Armageddon Navy Issue:
[Armageddon Navy Issue, basher]

Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Heat Sink II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II

Large Cap Battery II
Large Shield Extender II
Large Shield Extender II
Large Micro Jump Drive

Polarized Mega Pulse Laser, Multifrequency L
Polarized Mega Pulse Laser, Multifrequency L
Polarized Mega Pulse Laser, Multifrequency L
Polarized Mega Pulse Laser, Multifrequency L
Polarized Mega Pulse Laser, Multifrequency L
Polarized Mega Pulse Laser, Multifrequency L
Polarized Mega Pulse Laser, Multifrequency L
[Empty High slot]

Large Capacitor Control Circuit I
Large Energy Burst Aerator II
[Empty Rig slot]

Ogre II x5

For less, than 500 milions ISK you get over 1500 DPS of cap stable damage, that require no reload and protected by some shield buffer + LMJD as GTFO button.
You can bling it to get 1745 DPS without implants (1862 with) but the price will be well over 1 billion…
With all bling, breakable ammo, implants and drugs it riches 2353 DPS according to PYFA…

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thanks all for suggestions. decided that armageddon navy and dominix navy vill be used at same time. got second alt to drive the domi navy and will start when i set all things. thank you all for understanding that not all are space rich.

regarding officer fit leshak the fittin would cost me approx 90b with these officer zorya damage mods and zorya disintegrator… but problem with leshak is that evrytime you reload your laser have to ramp up again,before its full power you lose some seconds of repair timer,since its fortizar,theres alot of ehp to grind even in low power. and i do not know if anyone soloed citadel with leshak,i repeat soloed not in fleet,alone structure blow up.

Leshak, T2, Pyrolancea---- beats a polarized vindi (strange), Mimesis implants and if the structure is rigged just do some spider logi-- watch out for neut bombs and add tracking enhancers for drones vs 4th entropic radiation sink being as after the stacking penalty it doesn’t do much with 5 on there.

The "officer’ Leshak build they were speaking of is actually a faction Leshak build. You should just use a T2 Leshak build. The damage output on a structure compared to your choices is huge and also, even if you used a faction Disintegrator the price wouldn’t be so far off.

You also re-ramp when you run out of ammo but disintegrators hold 500 and the ramp up has a cap so it’s neglible as well. Just use the Leshak or get bunch of alpha t1 m4 megas. Weird post.


even when he spend a week to get skills triglav ship and disintegrator to lv4, will have better result and cheaper than his initial vindi.


after investing in high grade mimesis set and all turet damage hardwiring i invested in faction fit leshak and pyrolancer dose 4 booster… its now working good


Leshak, defo leshak lol

training more accounts toward leshaks now. what i can do with 5 leshaks other than bashing citadels/poco/pos ?

multiboxing is hard, you can try proper pvp with it tho i guess.

Maybe kill FOB’s? might need some nestors tho.

my harvester pc can open 10 accounts and remain stable, alt tabbing might suck but will live with it,im gonna stick to 4 leshaks 1 rodiva or 3 leshak 2 rodiva or just 5leshaks

uh… :thinking:

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Add 5 more and kill capitals and supers.

With the right fit, lvl4 missions are easy to solo.

Emerging conduits with right fit and good drones these are easy.

You see them used in Faction Warfare fleets (both armor and shield fleets)

To be honest its down to your skills, tactics and how good your fit is for that role you want to use it for.

I use Leshaks for all the above and also Wormhole site clearing. Learn your limitations of this ship, and counter them with what you fit and the drones you carry.

just completed many L4 missions with leshak. and so ded sites 5/10 and 6/10 and if i compare it to vindicator/machariel then leshak wins,got him cap stable with 500mn mwd and permatank so i can slice battleships easy,no problems with cruiser/battlecruisers too just mwd away,same for few frigate types just long range ammo

i tried to reinforce custom offices with those and indeed it was not so lon
two leshak two drekavac and it was fine and it was just t2 fit…

i failed to reinforce fortizar thought,astrahus/raitatu melts nicely but meh.


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