MCT & Game time question

Old Player, Newbro question:

I just recently used my first MCT, My omega lapses on the 4th of the month, the MCT lapses on the 18th.

My question is: if i let my omega time laps, what happens to the MCT?
A: Dose it continue to train at Omega rates
B: Continue at Alpha rates
C: Dose it get suspended until i re-omega

I have a feeling the answer is B, just looking for confirmation from someone who might know. Thanks in advance.


If anyone else i curious, I talked with support and the answer is Option B. In my case both characters would continue to train at the rate of Alpha.


I won’t be surprisedif it was B, and if your toons are beyond 5m SP, it just spoils.


@Rhynn_ArcWolf I’d suggest you write a support ticket and ask them directly.

My theory would be this: your account would continue to be Omega with the 1 skill queue until the the MCT runs out on the 18th.

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I submitted a Ticket as you recommended.

The answer i got from Support if anyone else is qurious is:
Both characters will continue to train at the rate of Alpha once the omega status lapses.

This is what i expected, but still good to confirm.


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