MCT (Multiple Character Training) does not activate

Anyone else have this problem?

When i extend the MCT for an Alt character, EVE takes my PLEX and tells me the MCT has been extended (as noted on the Alt Char bio page)

However when i try to re-activate the skill training all i get is the dialog that tells me to go and spend some more PLEX.

It takes a GM, a good GM, to restart the skill training.

Any echos out there?

is the alt character Alpha? and above 5mil sp?

It can’t be. It’s a second character on an Omega account.

it wasn’t specified if it was omega, that was why i asked…

MCT is a second paid training queue on an Omega account. It can’t work for Alpha accounts at all.

@Scipio_Artelius According to this , It does work for alphas. I couldn’t see anything in game, with my alpha clone to suggest otherwise that its limited to omega thus i found this support article. So looks like we both learned something.


  • Alpha clones can donate PLEX to other pilots
  • Using MCT (Multiple Character Training tokens) users can train one additional character per active queue even in the Alpha clone state.

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