Mechanic or gameplay that is considered unfair gaming

Hi There, I am opening this topic with regards to certain mechanics or gameplay in the abyss that i think its considered unfair gaming from the dev team part. There is a certain Marshal spawn that is 100% death…no escape because as soon as you arrive in that particular room, it drops you strait in a blue cloud that gives 300% signature radius increase and there are 4 or 5 sometimes Marshal BSs plus a variety of frigates and cruisers that will kill you without you having the chance to do anything , also there is a mechanic that is unfair when you arrive in room 2 and 3 it drops you in the room moving…i think its only fair that it drops you not moving just like the first room and any other star-gate in the game …and the third one i also think it contributes to player death in the abyss is the fact that any type of weapon when stopped by you or lets say you killed a rat and weapons need to stop…instead of stopping at the middle bottom where it normally should stop, it goes for a quarter more, and in the abyss because time is against you…you are loosing precious time because you have to wait for that extra quarter cycle so you can shoot again. I believe that if thats intentional modified mechanic to slow you down in the abyss to make sure you are out of time and die, its considered a cheat mechanic to cause player death in which case its actually illegal cheat considered unfair gaming. This needs to be changed back to normal and it needs to be changed ASAP as players can actually take CCP games to court for this if i am not wrong.

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Sounds elite.

  1. You’re wrong
  2. The abyss is supposed be dangerous
  3. You’re wrong


This is a very comprehensive list. Thank you.

No i am not wrong…and you don t have any explanation to support why you are saying i am wrong…its supposed to be dangerous doesn t explain why there is intentional modified mechanic to slow you down and it doesn t explain why there is 100% death spawns in the abyss… so it seems to me that you say things just to be against me without having a clue what you are talking about…you are talking to someone that knows the abyss better than you know your williy.

I can also bring solid evidence to the table to support my claim…what explanation do you have to support your say that i am wrong…oh wait…there are some words…1. you are wrong 2. you are wrong 3 you are wrong…etc etc

I think what you’re supposed to do is figure out how to beat that room.


You don t understand…that room is 100% death…if there was a way i would ve found it already…i am day in day out in the T6 dark sites facing the deadliest spawns in all of the abyss…and that particular spawn you can t beat it…and if you can its because you fitted a prop mod for example in the place of a tank mod which means there is now a different spawn that is going to kill you…for example the deadly (devoter smith) spawn which is formed of around 9 ish sansha neutralizer frigates you can t get away from and around 2 or 3 devoter knight neutralizing cruisers. And if that spawn doesn t kill you the angel cartel spawn will because they are the fastest of all spawns…they will catch up with you and destroy you very quick because you exchanged the tank module for the prop mod.

That is how Abyss is supposed to be. It was introduced as a material sink, not an ISK faucet. There should be many more rooms like these, especially if you fly a Gila. There should be no way, no method and no feature that allows you to survive this room. Sadly, CCP strayed away from this ideal and their own claims for Abyss (it should be dangerous and forever unpredictable) very quickly and turned this into yet another unbalanced faucet. You can generate more than enough ISK in very little time to recover from such a loss anyway.



Wait…isk faucet??? isn t what this game is about in the first place? everything you loose in the game its permanent…everything you want in this game IS… for isk… everything in this game is about isk and everything is getting more and more expensive and you are telling me that there shouldn t be an isk faucet? DAMN RIGHT IT SHOULD BE…Also you mean that i should be getting my isk back very quickly…you mean the 10 bill isk…mate i think you are one of them pve haters…in this game there are many choices let other people do what they like.Also i think you didn t understand my message in the first place…you need to go back and re-read my initial post.

Also if CCP made even more rooms like these…wouldn t that mean that i would be loosing like 10 bil…isk every few days? Because you need expensive fits to even survive the lightest spawn, not to mention the irreplaceable abyssal mods in the T6 dark sites…you have no clue what t takes now days to make isk…you wanna talk about not having an isk faucet

We haven’t had a good Texas Guacamole Law thread for a while. Hopefully this one delivers.

Opens salsa and crisps in anticipation.


And sarcasm is my middle name…:slight_smile: right back atcha

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Literally you’re going into the abyss. CCP has stated its designed to be hard and you are doing the hardest variant. Sometimes you get blapped. Build it into your projections. Or quit doing it. Or keep doing it and keep crying :smiley:

100% death for you. Yet others have made it out :smiley:

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You are either a troll or you are going through a tough time in your life…maybe somebody is bullying you or something cause i looked at your other posts and they are all negative. Go back and read everything i say in the initial post…you are reading it but you are ignoring the big picture…or your mind is limited to just be argumentitive.

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Y’see, this comment here is where you spotted what the mechanic is supposed to do.

There is a fit to beat that room. It loses to a different room.

So, it is not “100% death”, just the fit you use to run the rest of the rooms doesn’t work in that particular one.

I’d be annoyed if I was running 10bn isk and dying too, but I’d be more annoyed at myself for not having tested the 10bn isk strat before encountering the room that is most likely to counter it on Sisi.

So, you have a couple of choices as to where to go from here. Go figure out a different strategy - perhaps in a different flavour of abyss, even with different hulls, to improve your all-round performance. Or, continue as you are and hope your wins outweigh the losses. I’d recommend the former.


Not really. I get why you won’t admit you’re wrong tho. Others have made it out. Ergo, it isn’t 100 death.

Sorry bruv, you’re wrong.

Well this is a bit more respectful reply so i really appreciate you…thing is i have been testing on sisi for around three months to be honest with you and i didn t come up against this room before…i ve done marshal spawns but nothing like this one…now i am testing again…and i still come up against spawns i never came across before…but the point is…by the looks of it there is no fit-hull combination to beat all the spawns ion the T6 dark site and if thats the case…this is a case for unfair gaming. I am not crying about the isk but about the way i lost the isk and here is my point : if this is designed to not win all the spawns at least give time to people…cause if you gonna get 100% death spawns every few days this is mission impossible…its unfair gaming…dirty design ,intentional gameplay/machanic to cause loss in the game without a chance to defeat it…you see where i am going with this? its unfair

No point…please don t message here again repetitive phrases as its starting to look even more obvious that you are trolling

My friend, if you’ve been running these sites every day for three months without loss, I’m pretty confident you can soak up the 10bn without any stress!

If you’re seeing a change to spawns, that means CCP have tweaked the rooms. This happens every so often to stop things getting stale, as far as I’m aware.

Let me put it this way: if these are supposed to be the most difficult, most intense sites to run, why should it be possible to run 100% of all possible rooms, forever, with a single fit? As you have said yourself, you can run that room in a different fit. So it’s not “impossible”. Just, it doesn’t fit with your current strat. So like I say, there’s some trade-off to be done - either continue and soak up the odd loss, or devise a new fit or strategy to attack the rooms.

For what it’s worth, I think you’d be better off trying to find a fit that isn’t so expensive. I know a guy who runs T6s in Jackdaws that are around 5-600m, and if you encounter a certain room you are dead. He has worked out the spawn chance (roughly) of that room, and knows that it’s profitable enough when you don’t get hit that the losses don’t matter. An even better option for cost-effectiveness would be running the dual retri/deacon strat - total cost in the 400m or so region and again highly successful.