Medium range missiles?

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why there are no medium range missiles to fill in the place between short and long range (heavy/heavy assault) and (Rockets/Light) ? it seems turrets have a wide variety of ranges for each category why not the same for missiles ?

Alternatively, the “short range” type of missile could get a small boost to range (Rockets/heavy assault), since adding whole new category of launchers will probably be too much work, because as of right now it seems they have very short range.

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T2 precision ammo

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Or Missle Flight Time scripts in the modules. Along with missle flight time implants, etc. Also, if you increase missle velocity within your specified flight time that increases your range as well. Thus add velocity rigs, implants and all that in there as well.

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Turrets don’t have a “wide variety of ranges”, turrets have point blank range and “long” range. Each turret has exactly 2 types:

  • Lasers: pulse (short), beam (long)
  • Hybrids: blasters (short), rail gun (long)
  • Projectiles: autocannons (short), artillery (long)

If you’re talking about ammo affecting range, that’s because CCP wanted 1 set of ammo and 1 set of skills to unlock each weapon type. So you’re supposed to use short range ammo (antimatter) with your short range guns (blasters), and long range ammo (iron) for long range guns (rails).

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