Memory consumption

I played at medium settings, I needed to reduce the consumption of RAM, I set all settings to optimize memory, but the consumption of RAM did not change.
Please tell me how to reduce the consumption of RAM in the game and what it depends on.
Best regards Molb Sinulf

Looking at my Mint 17 system’s Monitor, I see Graphics mode ‘Memory’ using 1.2 Gb, ‘Performance’ using 1.3 Gb and ‘Quality’ using 1.4 Gb. I’d assume there’s an impact on GPU memory usage as well.

Please show a screenshot of what you are talking about, to be honest. I do not understand. I use windows. My comrades have weaker and more powerful computers, but they use less RAM than me

Not much point in a screenshot, as the Monitor I use is not available in Windows.

Here’s stats for a fresh started client that you may be able to use for trouble shooting, screenshot is taken on an older laptop (i5-3210M CPU, 8GB RAM, Geforce GT 645M)

When i start client(I5 3470,8gb, gtx 660)

I dont understand, why i have more consumption RAM on start and next time??? and all it on minimal settings!

Since there is no public information how and what data is buffered to ram on start. There is no point in posting your usage as it can be affected by amount of assets you have, bookmarks, open windows, chats , etc.

Most reasonable measurement would be bypassing launcher and start client from game files. Since it will be plain client even without account/character informations from login screen.

Also, graphic settings probably have minimal impact on ram usage. Or simply open your hardware monitor, change settings and test.

anyway, I sitting in WH have 1.6 GiB used from 6 GiB RAM

The settings you’re showing are for graphics and they don’t seem to have much impact on client memory usage if you have a discrete graphics card. With 3 clients logged in (in station) my usage is:

System specs: Ryzen 5 3600X, 32Gb RAM, Radeon RX570

Edit: all settings on high.

If I knew how to bypass the launcher, I would gladly try your option. But I have not seen other .exe files in the game folder


The method works, but the developer forbade it to bypass the launcher


Idea behind this is that you aren’t login. So things like data from characters aren’t affecting ram usage.

Try visiting jita 4-4 a couple of times and have a look after that at your client memory usage.

In the character selection window, the working set of memory is 1,377 megabytes, the allocated memory is 1,470 megabytes

Yes, but we don’t play character selection :slight_smile:

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