Memory Leak in 3d Off with shaders set higher than low

Anyone else get huge and growing memory use with a 3D off client watching a busy grid? How high can it go? When will I be in space? (blackscreen)


Its leaking like a fanfest pub crawl! Go Go Go!

We have lift off!

Crises Averted for Now. But it was using 8GB RAM and 12GB HD Pagefile for a while there. Much higher than the normal 2GB RAM and 4GB Pagefile for 1080p and High Settings.

What Happens if we turn 3D on now. Ohh Noes!!!

i just read this because of the space stuff

Theres a Happy ending this time. Turning On 3D didn’t wipe out the rest of the ram (blue) or pagefile (red, dont use a static windows pagefile). I just had to wait 2 mins for eve to do some slow memory allocation and paging.

I guess I can set my shaders to low on a client I 3D off alot. But CCP
have alot of work to go, every 2nd graphics issue people are basically saying “It works in medium shaders” or “works on low shaders”.

This whole scenario occured over 2hrs, way less than the 24hrs it takes for the servers to crash! Docking up freed up all the excess memory used, so the leaks can be cleaned up that way. But the client had to be restarted because the fps was so low for some reason.

it would be good to file an offline bug report with this information.

Done. I’m not entirely sure it is restricted to med and high shaders but it takes a long time to test for sure. There is also a graphical glitch where a whole bunch of effects that happened during 3d off will suddenly be rendered on your ship as soon as you 3d on, like all the memory is storing them to apply to something, but the 3d off means it never applies it and just saves it and applies it to self.

Just as a comparison this is with 3D on. No spikes up in memory. I was trying to trigger problems shooting fireworks at the market grid but it had no effect. I was in a fireworks tornado until a triple box ganker wanted to see my fit so I undocked a mach and he seams to have scurried off under a rock.

The Borderless gaming app seams to fix this problem. Setting eve to windowed then using the app to make it borderless works. The FPS maybe 5% lower than fixed window.

The app also solves another problem with crashes after monitor sleep with me when accessing the esc menu. Maybe the sleep messes with the monitor mode or something and eve thinks its a different mode and leaks and then crashes when accessing the esc menu when it tries to refresh the mode.

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