[MERC} Spree Mercenary Group [SMG}


(Pheonix Jr) #61

Hire Spree MG, not only are they WINNING both merc coalition wars, their ticker is SMG, and honestly, Who can’t appreciate that ticker.

(Pheonix Jr) #62

:gorilla: pmuch this

(Pheonix Jr) #63

Bump for a great group of guys who get the job done! Fast learners and good humor to go around

(Bia Accursed) #64

I’m looking for a Merc group to take out a few HS POCOs (Metropolis). looking for pricing.

(Kilo Ten Whiskey) #65

Looking for aid in citadel defense is HS. Feel free to Evemail me as well!

(Natural CloneKiller) #66

This group wound not be hunted if it wasnt for the twits you have in the alliance. They wont be with you long…in fact anyone want to take my bet. The twits will leave spree within 3 months?

(Selina Kubeq) #67

Now i lnow your full of ■■■■. We have been at war with VMG, Pirat, Marmite and RIOT since we where a 2 man merc corp.

On my side i see nothing has changed and its bussiness as usual. This will remail the way i administrate the alliance and has been all along. We have been smart about thw fights we have take and laughed at the bad losses that happen.

Now that we have the Gnomes, nothing has changed. They stir the pot and are regualry playful. That ia their playstyle amd that is what spree is about, each corp can operate at what they are good at. Broading the skill sets of a merc alliance isn’t about getting more of the same ducks that do the same things. Varience in style allows varience in the content you can join in on.

You are not forced in to doing things, like sitting within 2 systems 90% of the time.

Now on to go full disclosure about how gnomes and anyone else tend to take breaks from eve. This is not some ploy they or anyone plans. It is just eve, a constant shifting mass of players.

If the gnomes or anyone else did leave in 3 months that is their choice and i am sure this would go down amicable. I did not beg them to join we spoke twice about it as others had approached me and came to terms with each other.

I didn’t have any real intentions to form and alliance. It simple evolved because people approached me about assitance and working together clearly this lead to the simpelest solutio to form an alliance.

I did not beg or barter with any of the groups in spree nor any of the members that join my own corp. The people that are here choose to do so and want to work together to make an honorable client serving merc group.

One thing they have all be been constant at since i have met them is being genuinly helpful and brutally honest with each other. We look for the right personalities that will gel well together.

I won’t spend that amount of time with people i genuinly don’t think will not grow in to friendships.

Once again if you have any other information clarifyed i’ll do that.

(Alocer Agaliarept) #68

Your sad attempts to cause a divide are just that man, sad. You won’t cause one because here there is actual competent leadership who genuinely is interested in the group health and how things are going within the Alliance, None of them here require their feelings checked in hand holding safe space “Board Rooms” like in VMG.

Spree is an active group who is new to the merc scene and we are here to help them learn the meta’s in highsec. That’s all they require and they are fairly successful on their own. As far as the admin and leadership goes, You and khromius cannot even hold a candle to Selina.

(Natural CloneKiller) #69

Lol. You dont really expect anyone to beleive that. My bet is still on. You guys wont stay in spree.

(Alocer Agaliarept) #70

The truth does not require your belief lmfao.

(Saeger1737) #71

The Lord of Light says your wrong, that which doesn’t believe in the power of the Gary cannot be one with the Gary

(Savoycabbage) #72

The RP forums are that way people ==> https://forums.eveonline.com/c/fiction-portal/igs

(Selina Kubeq) #73

Your funny man. I thought we covered this part of will they won’t or won’t they stay. The entire point is mute, we discussed how the gnomes operate and discuss the fact they might not be with us forever.

I expect they will leave sometime, I also expect like many others the alliance will fold up and everyone will move on. You trying to throw an inevitability around like it’s a problem. Spree is not about the end it’s about the journey and fun getting there, that’s why you can’t win this war.

Your to busy stroking your ego of being the biggest badest merc group, slapping more rules, regulations on your members that they can follow. You’re already sucking the fun out of your alliance but fine, you want to trade notes.

Every single contract spree takes is a victory, every bash we complete is another rung on the ladder. We are climbing and getting better each day. Each and every one of these is a contract VMG should have secured.

That’s what happens when you get sloppy and people lose trust in your work. The number of clients that mention they tried to talk to VMG and got snuff or straight up stated they knew they where getting scammed. I guess that’s what happens if you get caught double-dipping from both sides.

IF vmg is the best and the badest Merc group and you guys are at the top and have billions of isk then the only way is down. Unless your plan to expand beyond High Sec with YOUR OWN operations then VMG’s will do the exact same thing they have been doing, over and over again.

To me, it seems like leadership is all out of idea’s and has no goals or drive to take VMG any further. It has peaked out and has little left to offer its members.

I don’t know why vmg are so personal against me. I have never had an issue with VMG and to me, it’s all business and a game but every word about you that I have heard has been bad and disappointing. To me, if VMG is as powerful a merc group as advertised it should have High Sec under its thumb, hell maybe it did once but those days are long gone.

(Alocer Agaliarept) #74

Well said sir, Well said, Natural being a jita rat has to cling to glory days of slaying mercs and being the best, meanwhile he had his hand held to every merc kill hes been on and has at some point given some of us gnomes money out of his own personal wallet for doing so. It’s hilarious XD

(Pheonix Jr) #75

selina summed everything up so well I don’t even have to try and reply, so I’ll just give spree a friendly bump for a solid group of trustworthy guys, Hire spree today


(Saeger1737) #76

Lol I caught him cloaking in hatakani trying to relive those forsaken days…

Then I got decced for following lol

(Natural CloneKiller) #77

Is the drake a pvp doctrine of spree?

(Alocer Agaliarept) #78

Not really but seeing as he was outside a trade hub anything goes, oh and BTW i watched anthro attempting to chase this drake in a proteus and desperately failing. Your guys need work

(Natural CloneKiller) #79

Did you wave your pom poms as you watched lol.

(Alocer Agaliarept) #80

There is no ammount of cheering that can get anthro better at eve, not under your teachings at least.