[MERC} Spree Mercenary Group [SMG}


(Natural CloneKiller) #81

I would take anthro over any twits.

(Alocer Agaliarept) #82

thats because he is a yes man. But that style of brainless agreement is what you look for. It is very different here, Selina does not explode in alliance meetings for members voicing their opinions like khromius did to mackers. Like i said, you and khromius cannot hold a candle to Selina.

(Natural CloneKiller) #83

Fake news from basement cheerleaders…

(Alocer Agaliarept) #84

Are you calling GNShadow a liar?

(Natural CloneKiller) #85

Just you.

(Alocer Agaliarept) #86

Absolutely weak m8, but again ill let you save face as this is a public forum, but we both know it happened, screaming fake news and pretending to bury your head in sand doesn’t make the truth go away. Maybe you should try something else?

Just an FYI watching you desperately claw and reach for any response is epic, please continue.

(Natural CloneKiller) #87

Not really. I think you will find people see things in different ways. Each to ther own. When you learn that then we can talk. The troll stuff dont work here. We are quite happy with who we are and what we are doing in game.

(Alocer Agaliarept) #88

That’s because its making khromius rich, but the average memberbase doesnt care what the alliance wallet gets up to. That was pointed out to me by more than one person. Thats why you and khrom are happy with who you are but your membership is not or they wouldnt be leaving in droves.

Do not let khromius and his pride sink you.

(Natural CloneKiller) #89

My wealth has nothing to do with alliance wealth. The alliance has access to over 250 bil for vmg content and srp. You know this.

My wealth is for me to generate through my trading. The membership base also make isk through ops and killing stuff in game. To me thats a great model. Clients are happy and so are the members who make the most of it.

(Alocer Agaliarept) #90

Im sure omega isn’t that happy, And filling up an alliance wallet to 250 bill for “content” means nothing when the only content provided is Jita humping for 10% of your time and structure bashing 90% of your time. And as far as clients go im sure omega is loving all the poco losses he’s getting, and im sure your members cant wait to have to retake pocos back because you were busy playing eviction in a wh. In which you couldnt get more than khrom and anthro on besides yourself for most of that lol.

And didnt it used to be 350 bill? Is VMG losing money? another sign of death of an alliance. But what do I know lol

(Natural CloneKiller) #91

The pocos you refer to were there basically to try to get marmite and others out to play. They are surplus to requirments and omega knows this. If people want to hit his assets in other areas vmg will contest. This is not rocket science.

(Natural CloneKiller) #92

No it was never 350bil.

(Alocer Agaliarept) #93

VMG can hardly contest anything with its current activity, You mean horde Mercenary Coalition and PIRAT will contest right?

And let’s pretend those are surplus in order to get marmite and others out to play (which we both know they aren’t) That excuse only makes sense if you were actually using this oppertunity to go and hit marmite and others, but you’re not, you will wait for them to be taken and then retake them because your blues can’t be bothered carrying your poco wars for clients either

(Natural CloneKiller) #94

This is pure spin on what ive just said. Im just telling you as it is. You dont have to troll all the time.

(Alocer Agaliarept) #95

I’m not trolling at all mate, in all honesty I know exactly why you do what you do, However what I do not know is why you choose to sink with VMG. We have had our differences in how we do things but you have always been decent at the admin that is required to run a group like VMG. That being said HOWEVER, these last recent events have shown very poor leadership especially from Khromius end. Until you get tired of putting out his fires for him and making him rich I will continue to do what I am doing.

(Natural CloneKiller) #96

I find it pointless talking to you if you cannot listen. Khrom is both a friend and a very good gamer. We are happy with what we have built and will continue to build.

We will work with the motivated in vmg and not those on the outside looking in.

(Alocer Agaliarept) #97

Cannot listen lel, I spent 5 years in VMG watching it go down hill as khromius got more and more greedy. Khrom was a very good friend of mine until he burned that bridge do the ground, hes almost an expert in that aspect. While i still like khromius his ego and attitude towards those who have stuck with him for years has become very poor. And Im not just referring to Danger Gnomes, I will not list any names to put them on blast here publicly but Im sure you have an idea of who I am referring to here. And it is for this reason and mostly this reason members who have been with VMG through thick and thin are leaving and not even looking back. Until you and khrom wake up and realize this you are not building anything. Until you stop looking at your members as “rattlesnake drones” and teach them what they need to know all of eve will continue to see fitts like that machariel and Legion.

And before you bring up “Alliance fitts” Iv seen those bulletins and complained about the horrid cancer in those for years, however Khrom didn’t ever bother to do anything about those bulletins or let myself or jr do it even if he couldn’t be bothered.

(Saeger1737) #98

Are you becoming a 3rd generation yaosus? I believe it’s PIRAT who told me yesterday that it’s you who invites them to parties… That it’s mutual, only confirms the hand holding and blue donut.

(Tora Bushido) #99

We already killed about 30-40 Omega pocos, but got no content. Some (ex) VMG members where to busy with shooting a structure. Keep in mind it takes us 15min to ref a poco and it takes you an hour+ to call a CTA, call for help with your blues, setup a fleet, yell at people for having a private life, move to the system, wait, defend and leave again. We can keep this up for years, you cant. :smirk:

(tainted demon) #100

Who do you mean by we?
Is that why khrom was asking us to come back as he is tired of his “rattlesnake drones” and what the feelings police has turned VMG into?
all you have built is FA 2.0 with all the same issues, and look how that ended.