[MERC} Spree Mercenary Group [SMG}


(Tora Bushido) #101

VMG was made up of 80% Marmites and the structure contracts I send to you. Being nice backfired on me and that’s one of the reasons you’re slowly dying now. The hunters you had in VMG left you and the rest is burned out by bad leadership.

You didnt build anything. You got what I gave you and now I take it back…

Have fun with your 2 active players and 15 alts. :wink:

(Natural CloneKiller) #102

Vmg will be around for a very long time and you know it. These feeble atempts to discredit the name of vmg only makes others look like salty trolls.

Tora you should know better. Im sure i recall you discussing the possibility of joining vmg when marmites were on their knees.

(Tora Bushido) #103

I understand you dont want to admit it, but we both know its true. :wink: Want to make a bet which 3 players will leave VMG within a few days?

(Alocer Agaliarept) #104

Another one has left the sinking ship, I am pleased that people are not choosing to sink with khromius

(Tora Bushido) #105

He is just one of the VMG’s I’ve spoken too. A few more will follow as soon as they have handled some things.

(Nutte NuutNuut) #106

Very nice alliance would recommend.

Yours sincerely, Nutte NuutNuut formerly of JAZZ1 and the first loss of the alliance :wink:

(Alocer Agaliarept) #107

Friendly bump for a good group. So nice to not have to worry about what leadership is saying when im not there :sunglasses:

(Selina Kubeq) #108

Stop, your making me blush.

Plus you know… i would just say it to your face.

P.s. scrub

(Tora Bushido) #109

VMG is dead, long live the new and improved SMG … :smile:

(Pheonix Jr) #110

Khrom had nothing to say when I asked him why he thought PIRAT would save him if he himself told trottle that VMG and PIRAT couldn’t save PE, He stopped replying at the mention of the question

(Selina Kubeq) #111

To provide some insight into spree. I want to share some history and my original expectations of spree.

It started with 2 people, we just wanted to dec and murder things. In our first week we were offered our first contract by then we had maybe 4-5 members.

To be completely honest we had none of the experience we have now about how high sec pvp works but we played it smart.

We took in active tanked cloak T3’s to cloaky camp systems as the client ask. Shutting down the lower members and miners. It was very effective, we also picked some good fights and bad ones.

Then we completed this contract it paid well and we moved to our next, the one after that and so on forth.

Every step of the way we collided with the blue donut that was Vmg, Pirate and then PE. They did little beyond stopping us from using jita or pulling in more logi than we had people to fight back with. So we continued to play smart took the fights we could try win and lost many.

Some of the most memorable fights were with the gnomes, unlike VMG. Every time we fought the taught me something. They commented that we need to move to buffer, bring in more neutral eyes and get some neutral logi.

We took all of this on board, adapting to every comment. Stripping through killboards of the bigger groups learning fitting styles.

Nearly 6 months later we have been luck or rather the people i fly with(and a few that have left) have worked thier asses of to put us where we are. A rising star in the merc world.

I say all of this as it is my personal wish to thank my alliance/corp for their hard work, the gnomes for lending their experience, the other big mercs for strengthening our resolve and most importantly above anything else our clients for the trust they have put in us.

I hope this inspires new merc groups to give it a go.

As always we are available for more contracts from now and long into the future. We will honour every single one of them.

(Serra Caderu) #112

Seems like you still have a lot to learn lol. Hope this wasn’t a “contract” citadel bash :smiley: Shouldn’t bash citadels if you don’t know what you’re doing!

(Selina Kubeq) #113

Any pointers?

I was caught out was a fun fight, got to really push my fitting and see how it handles. In that scenario, it lasted a lot longer than I expected. Was fun and frustrating at the same time.

I got of the citadel was just a whippy little ishkur that caught me as i was trying to bounce. Hats off to them and i hope they enjoyed the loot. I’m sure it not going to be my last loss if i won every fight i was in. Where is the thrill of the chance to lose?

Hell right now i enjoy the thrills of the chance to win, maybe it’ll happen one day :stuck_out_tongue:

This is what happens when i come out from behind my desk :frowning: BAD ADMIN, BAD!

(Natural CloneKiller) #114

Gnomes doing pocos with marmite…haha. made my day…

(Tora Bushido) #115

Yes, I have to agree, killing 100+ pocos of VMG’s “protection program” (Omega) and seeing VMG roll over and not being able to anything about it… made my day too.

VMG, having fun while they fail contracts. :man_facepalming:

(Yaosus) #116

It is because…

(Cardinal Jr) #117

just waiting for you nerds to actually defend em tbh, We reffed the 8 poco’s but only had about 2 of us online in that TZ so we poked tora to see if they wanted to kill em, Surprise Surprise you didn’t even show up

(tainted demon) #118


(Anti- Trust) #119

With VMG “dead” or rather in the hands of Spree or is it gnomes?

As the leader will selina be taking over VMG and SMG merging or has spree just become another group Gnomes have used to suit their own end. I mean this is a person Gnomes said that “khrom and natural couldn’t hold a candle to”. Your valiant leader or just a pawn?

I can only guess with the lower numbers on killboards your getting ready to drop wars and move. Then again it might just be the death of spree with another corp leaving back down to the “mercs” and savages corp.

Shame to see a group with “potential” be used and possibly abandoned. Was it worth bringing in the Gnomes selina?

All them “contracts” they must have helped you on. I’m sure people were “paying” for the OMEGA poco bashes. For a guys who’s “word” means everything to him. You must have had to beg the gnomes to come and carry you through the VMG war. Hell i wouldn’t be surprised if it was your idea to steal the alliance. We both know you’ve been accused of shady ■■■■ in the past.

(Pheonix Jr) #120

post on your main or gtfo, Spree had a different philosophy from the very beginning , which is a bunch of different groups that operated in their own area of expertise until needed to form up as one group. We intend to keep this philosophy among the two groups, Spree remains one of only THREE blues that VMG holds. (the other two being BAW and Devils) who will operate as independent entities until the requirement of forming arises.