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(Ampirion) #121

I do like your philosophy… Having been in Devils under other chars. One thing i thought was great was not being in a Big stupid blue donut where mercs gave each other hugs and kisses. its more fun shooting seven bells out of each other. Its one of the things I enjoy in EvE . So keeping the blue count down is rather good fun :slight_smile:

(Serra Caderu) #122

Spree is pretty much nothing, and the new VMG will probably get there soon as well. Didn’t gnomes already try and start/run an alliance??Then they had to join Spree for content???

(Pheonix Jr) #123

you are uneducated about any motives what so ever, please stop posting your ignorance. if you have a beef with spree maybe nut up and take it in game?

Maybe coup their alliance? Or do literally anything maybe

(Serra Caderu) #124

What would I do ingame? They to inactive to do anything at this point:P

(Pheonix Jr) #125

well then why would you still care about them?

(Serra Caderu) #126

:thinking::thinking::thinking: Good question:) Guess i just enjoy pointing it out on the forums:)

(Selina Kubeq) #127

Spree has never been about being all the same style of play, i personally will never understand an alliance that is built on several corps all doing exactly the same thing. Their is little reason to be in an alliance if it offers nothing new or a good amount of variance.

In regards to Gnomes “using” Spree, nothing has changed since we first talked about them joining. It was on a casual basis and it offered us both a simple way of working together and to allow spree to offer gnomes some free content as a thank you for all the advice.

I personally cannot be happier that they have reclaimed thier home and can rebrand it in a way they feel it should habe been all along. I personally will support them in any way i can as they have done so for us.

To attempt to create or form a rift was a smart idea but you know to little of how spree opperates and what the objectivea of spree are.

On the note of spree having no activity, every corp has luls and every corp has members that have real lives to deal with. In spree we view this as a game and never expect people to put this first.

We are an honourable merc group with a casual play style. We roam and fight when we choose and do contracts at a speed we desire. I can say that with confidence spree has been the best experience and most fun i have had in eve.

If your so persistant and want to re-evalute your post mail me. I’ll offer you a trial period. Its time for you and i can only assume other members of the homless bunch feel part of a merc group that supports its members.

(Selina Kubeq) #128

Now, i would like to move beyond a messy war that is now over. It has spilled across many forum threads and i want to draw a line and move on.

Spree is returning to full contractual operations and has reopened our full recruitment. We hope to now continue to build and solidify our place as a respected Merc group.

Please see our recruitment thread for applications: [Merc] Spree - Mercs and savages

As another step towards maintaining our reputation and assisting in restoring honour, respect and trust to the High Sec Merc world. We have begun a Public chat for all mercs to use and answer questions into any would be contractors.

Thread can be located here: Public Mercenary Channel - Mercenary Services

We will use this alongside other established mercs to define what is acceptable and to create a firm supported base for trust in contracts.

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Mercs at your service

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I endorse this product
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(Yaosus) #138

Did you teach them how to Jita scam and corp/alliance steal too?

(Vipsan Agrippa) #139

Yousless, it displays gud initiative taking out rivals, least they have no history of breaking a Merc contract. Hang your head in shame for being associated with khromiass.

(Pheonix Jr) #140

he’s fresh from his forum bann so he’s got like 2 weeks of shitposting to make up