[MERC] Who Dares Wins

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Sent in game mail few days ago about some POCOs

Not had anything, can you contact me ingame :slight_smile:

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Accepting contract services, Contact us in game today!

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Messaged, interested in POCO removal in Trig space.

Contract Completed on time! Hope it was to your satisfaction

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I had an extremely pleasant experience working with this group. Courteous, professional, and effective. ISK well spent! I will definitely be using them again.

Quick testimonial, apologies for not posting this sooner but all the excitement in Trig space distracted me.

WDW was extremely professional and quick to respond. Not only did they complete my contract to the letter (securing a POCO in Skarkon during a whole damn Trig invasion when the gates were cut off) they worked their magic and for a small additional fee were able to get us control of all the POCOs in system.

Money well spent, can’t recommend their service enough and they’ll remain first on my list for any mercenary work we need in the future.

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