Merge Toons

Merge all your alts together!

Rule , if your main has the same skill to lvl 5 it does nothing but if your alt had a lvl 5 skill and your main only had it to lvl 4 it moves up to lvl 5.

So if your alt was a miner and your main had nothing to do with mining after the merge your main can now mine.

Stop selling your alts and just merge them, you paid for the sub and you waited the time why can i carry skills over from toon to toon.

Just an idea : )

A bad idea. : )

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Skill extractors already let you do this.

And by the end of that journey you have spend 10b and lost skill points if over 5m sp. Maybe do a 20$ merge fee and boom

Why would CCP ever give up that kind of income?

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Well that is prob true…

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