[META] CODE as a controversial topic

I literally had a friend “quit” Eve and gave 315b to CODE. And another 500b to his friend Braggs.

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How am I following code if I’m cap stable perma running hardeners while…


So my yield is decreased by 20% for the advantage of going afk. Good trade to me.


I haven’t been paying attention to code stuff lately, but the objection from older players wasn’t so much about ganking newbs/casuals. It was the baiting them after the gank, putting words in their mouths, playing with their heads. Basically, ganking, then enraging, frustrating, and further enraging another player and literally ruining his personal day. That’s what people really didn’t like.

Lately I’ve just seen solo code guys around RPing in Local and posting KMs. Cool enough-- keeping people on their toes, good fun all around, some liveliness. That’s some excellent content creation, I’d say. But (earnest question, no hidden implication, bait trolling, agenda or whatever)-- are code guys doing that concerted head-screw operation thing on individuals these days? If not, then cool enough.

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Most often what happens is a target gets ganked and the ganker will convo or send him a mail about buying a permit. The target then skips all the steps between reasonable response and absolutely vile behavior and goes nuts.

Sure there’s some trolling and poking fun, buts it’s not this deep psychological game that gets played. It’s quite simply just some nerd getting WAY too upset at a videogame.


Dare i say the hate they create about code agents is only because these players who work together for a common goal, in a way they don’t approve of. Code agents dare putting themselves above others and play pretend an authority in highsec.

dont have link, it was discussed at the roundtable , someone somewhere might have it, i could care less…or might as well just wait for the changes to show up…

For the love of James, can you learn to write a coherent English sentence?

Until you get bumped off the belt.

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I was being facetious. It wasn’t a serious argument.

Is CODE becoming obsolete, now that NPCs are starting doing their job?

NPCs are killing miners? :open_mouth:

Oh you know, afk people in general! like the orca! and miners use drones against rats, which means they lose standings towards that rat’s faction, which makes them targets!


It’s seems plausible to me given all the work CCP has been doing on the new AI. After all, it has be postulated by experts in the field that if an artificial intelligence becomes sufficiently self-aware, the first thing it will do is go start dunking miners. Think of it as a sort of Turing test for NPC pirates.


it’s not just a maybe. they seek and attack those with bad standings, which includes miners in belts, thanks to beltrats! :smiley:

now imagine this: you sit in your bumpnado, waiting for the hunting rats to come. they will web and attack autopiloting ships of players with bad standings towards their faction. and now you come into play, making sure the autopiloting ship has no chance of reaching the gate… :grin:

Hahaha seriously, this is funny. I hope it is true. So much possibilities… :slight_smile:

So he does and doesn’t…

RMT? Or just the guy in charge of the minin ops who had it with people afk mining with their halt, then screeching on comms about needing protection only a day after a call to mobilize all units… because seriously, nullsec is worse than highsec on afk activities. In high sec people at least don’t get rewarded for it.

That’s about what the average EVE Online player thinks think about the code.

So everyone that’s easely triggered is him? Man, code sure knows how to find him over and over.

How toxic are these forums on a scale from 0 to 10 ?

You mean his ingame character, right?

Learn 2 Play. I don’t PVP. Haven’t done that for over 10 years now. Don’t cry, here is a hug.
Also what Yellow Parasol says is correct, you can’t opt-out [but you can ignore that perfectly]. Just like when I take a nap and wake up in a pod because npc’s wanted to play and I didn’t.

Like that minerbumping thing, right? :smiley: Or like when that guy said “Everything in EVE Online is PVP!” even when I was doing “PLayer versus Environment”, I’m sure no one is playing the npc pirate or the veldspar rock I mine.

SOMETHING! oh okay, i’ll do that. There, it’s fixed! :smiley:

None of those are in the TOS or EULA. I will afk in my untanked ship as much as I want without paying attention to the flashing icons near playernames in local. Also tanking doesn’t work in a gank as they just need to add a few disposeable ships to increase DPS.

By whom I know you are self centered but not a lot of people care about the flashing icon on that guys name and think “ow, just another who will have to learn a bit about highsec, lowsec and nullsec…” some learn fatser, others learn slower, then look at the employment history and sigh.

So the guy who is AFK and has an abominal ISK/h due to being in HIGHSEC and not being there in time when his hold is full… has to switch to a ship with higher m³ ore per second? To have no difference in his ISK/h? Good idea, good idea! That will keep them dumb folks out of this game… sigh
Are you the same guy that told me Player Versus Environment (PVE) means PVP in EVE Online? Or are there more people liek you?

Great, insult people out of game. Or is that guy faking that his avatar is bad in English?

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There’s a difference between adorably bad English like Ima’s, and incoherently bad English like so many of our favorite forum carebears seem to have.

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you people aren’t worth the effort.

ISD, please close.

reddit really seems to be the better place.

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Closed by request.