Micro jump


Que veut dire l’activation timer / duration ?
Est ce que cela veut dire que pendant la période d’activation ( par exemple : 11.4 sec ; capacitor ~800Gj ), il y a une possiblité d’effectuer le micro jump dès qu’un scram est levé ?
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What does timer / duration activation mean ?
Does this mean that during the activation period ( for example: 11.4 sec; capacitor ~ 800Gj), there is a possibility to perform the micro jump as soon as a scram is raised?
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The jump is interrupted if the jumping ship is warp scrambled when spool up time ends.

It takes 12 seconds (or 11.4 with your skill bonuses) for the module to charge up and prepare to jump. During that time, if someone scrambles you, you will not jump. You must be un-scrambled at the completion.

ok, thanks.

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