Microsoft a little salty with CCP?


I was in the X box for windows app playing Sea of Thieves, saw it was showing Eve in my recently played and clicked over to see if the X box could launch the game.

Guess it is based on player reviews and not made by MS staff.

Guess MS don’t like EVE static window resolution. It’s not compatible with Win10! :wink:

if you trust Microsoft… ha…

They are 100% correct that EVE game play is slow as mud. When i first came to EVE from WOW, i couldnt believe how slowly EVE plays out, especially PVP which it seems like everyone is stuck in mud up to their chins and still trying somehow to fight.

The only reason to even play EVE is because every other option in the Space genre is sooooo bad that EVE is your default simply because it ‘sucks less than the rest’. Which really should be in EVE’s promo’s so that 1) people don’t get their hopes up that a better space game exists and 2) so that potential players can lower their expectations before starting EVE so they wont be so disappointed once they start playing the game.

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