Millions of erroneous settings switches can be replaced with a configuration file

I play on the main account in full screen mode. And I go to others from the window. So faster. And on the main pilot, I would like to see a normal graphics. And on the other alts I don’t need it. But here’s the thing - I have the same settings for all windows. And when I change the window mode to full-screen, all my altos interfejjs reset the window transparency settings and chat blinking settings. And again I break my eyes and i turn it off. On each account, again, again, again … And sometimes the settings for blinking windows are reset by themselves. And transparency. On their own. That chat window blinks on one account, then on another the window will become invisible. How many times have I turned off chat blinking? A thousand? Besides other confirmations … Do you have encryption of settings that uses the principle of quantum uncertainty? 50/50 - either persist or not. My brilliant idea is to save individual settings for each window in a simple text file. With the extension ini or сfg, unexpectedly.
I know that I already spoke about this a year ago, but mb this time im lucky?
Immediately make a reservation that this is not one of my problems. And the game has already been reinstalled, and all the drivers, and Windows … This is the whole year already. Because there is no normal saving of settings.

Have you bothered setting up multiple configuration profiles in the launcher and assigning one to each account?

It doesn’t seem to work. I never turn on the blinking chat windows and transparency. They turn on themselves.

Want to screenshot your settings window showing how you are using the multiple profiles?

What exactly needs to be shown?

So your main account uses the 2nd one, ticked as shown, your alts all use the third one then?
Or do you have them all on the 2nd one?

They are all on the second. Maybe I don’t understand something.
I remember all the settings for each account. Separate. In different places there are windows. Different overview panels. A different description of each account. Everything is saved. But the windows? Blinking chat windows? Transparency? Everything was always off.But it is reset.

This is the issue.
If they are all on the same profile, then they all keep saving over each others settings.
Make 1 profile for each account and you will have no more issues.

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I’ll try. These profiles in my opinion are not related to graphics, but maybe I’m wrong. Thank you

Is it possible to copy all new profiles from the main? Otherwise, I will have to configure the interface again 45 times.

Yes, when you go into manage profiles there will be a copy profile option.

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Thanks you a lot )

Changing profile in the launcher will select a different config file for that character.
The game saves it like this: -

│ └────Character1
│ └────Character2
│ └────Character 3
│ └────Character1
│ └────Character2
│ └────Character 3
└────Character 3

To copy your profiles from one toon to others: -
batch file

Accounts have much longer names so it will look more like: -
copy core_char_540541502.dat core_char_4054350435.dat
You need to work out which one is you “master” and which are your duplicates.

thanks for deleting all those spaces i used for formatting ccp. Really ■■■■■■■ helpful.

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