Miner ALOD - CODE.'s search for Chodeanon This February

As part of our February Miner Ganking Contest, New Order agents of the CODE. alliance are searching for a sad pathetic miner we only know as Chodeanon.

From forensic analysis of his daily trolling of the comment section of our most excellent blog www.MinerBumping.com we can tell that he is both:

  • Very salty.
  • A bad miner.

In an effort to save him from bot-aspirancy we’ve included him in our competition. Whichever agent can find the worst mining ship fit and kill it, will have found Chodeanon (If not in actuality then at least in proxy).

This is where you, the great forum masters of Eve can help us. I’ll post the contestants for worst fit, and you can help me judge which ones are the worst with your ‘likes’.

Praise James! \o/


No tank, no not even a hint of tank…

Extra bot-aspirant

This one is criminal

Mining battlecruiser


Is there an expiration date?

Closing this due to spam.