Vote For Worst Fit Miner

As part of our February Miner Ganking Contest , New Order agents of the
mighty CODE. alliance have searched all over High Sec for a sad pathetic miner we only know as Chodeanon. From forensic analysis of his daily trolling of the comment section of our most excellent blog we can tell that he is both:

  • Very salty.
  • A bad miner.

In an effort to save him from bot-aspirancy we’ve included him in our competition. Whichever agent can find the worst mining ship fit and kill it, will have found Chodeanon (If not in actuality then at least in proxy).

This is where you, the great forum masters of Eve can help us. We have below here 13 kills to choose from! Polls will remain open until Friday.

Praise James! \o/


I was going to vote for the failfit Corm, as I hate to see such a glorious ship being misused like that. The Tayra with the J5 is my chosen abomination though, seriously WTF, only someone as bad as CHODEanon could fit a ship like that.

3 Likes This one made me laugh. This one looks like he put thought into it, or was sensible enough to ask for a fitting that made some sense, under certain conditions. “Criminal fleet”, as corp name, makes it funny. This one reminded me of myself. Back in the early days I’ve spent hours in front of EFT trying to squeeze just … one … more … laser … on my coercer. This one is a true classic. The “I tank everything, therefore I’m prepared for anything!” type of fitting. A hopefully new player figuring it out all by himself. “I’m actually more into ratting, but when there are none around I could as well mine.” “Man, when I’m getting back from […] I’m going to be so rich!” “Docking … is for losers.” Little does he know, the Magnate with t2 expanders and cargo rigs sports a whopping 1600m³ in cargo capacity. … see /74972659/ above. too generic. It’s very well thought out, though armor or hull rigs would have been a better choice. He probably believed damage can only be done onto NPCs. This one makes no sense. He clearly wasn’t mining (maybe just a transport) and should therefore not be on this list.

This one has my vote.

He fit a scram.



Thanks for the feedback guys!


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