Mineral Changes and the New Player expierence

Hey Gang,
I started Eve 19 months ago,.I didn’t want to join a Corp at first,I just wanted to learn the mechanics.
I discovered very early in the game that I didn’t like buying stuff from other players,especially after having lost many a drone in space and having a few ships go kaboom,so I started buying BP’s and did some mining very early in the game,.and I enjoyed it,became self-suffient and started to sell stuff also,.after a few months I was established and a bit proud of that fact.
Now I do everything but PvP,.and still learning new stuff daily.My point being,with these mineral changes coming,things are going to be even harder on new players,Ships will be more expensive,the opportunity of making your own stuff is being extremely sqeeezed if not basically removed,and God forbid,don’t start off in Amarr,.I’m hoping that CCP has done the right thing,we will see,its a BIG move,.and hopefully the new player retention won’t drop more,.
Your insight is welcomed


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