So… I understand that they are supposed to be changing stuff for Q4, why havent they put ore in the belts yet? what happened to prosperity? Last i Checked we dont need compression or new lasers to mine ore. Put the ore in the belts CCP while you fix your mess up…

The doubling of ore in belts is coming in the big update that’s been debated incessantly the past few weeks.

Scarcity may be alleviated to some degree, but I recall reading (or watching on TiS) at least one CSM member who has been really clear not to get expectations up for “a new age of Prosperity”.

CCP has made clear which changes they want to make together in a comprehensive manner, and which they would like to follow up on. Splitting the doubling of ore in belts from everything else has not been mentioned as an option, and probably for good balancing reasons.

i believe what many were hoping for is the return of ore types to regions that lost them. scarcity wasnt just quantity , it was ore by type. i see nothing in their updates that givves us anything back that was taken away.

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That’s because what was taken away will not return. CCP wants regions to rely on each other and to not be self-sufficient. That is what lead to the CCP starting scarcity in the first place. Regions were able to be almost, if not completely self-sufficient (barring T3 production) and allowed for massive stockpiles and wealth to be amassed.

Now, every region must rely on another region for 1 or more resource to build ships of significance.
I am interested to see what changes the have in store for New Eden moving forward.


Double of ore in 0 rocks is…???

…a very sad attempt at being snarky.

When you look at CCP’s 3-stage roadmap with scarcity as a step that they’ve been setting out repeatedly the past year or more, it’s been pretty clear that things were never going to simply “go back to the way they were”. Perhaps expectations of the player base were mismanaged, and it sucks you feel the need to lash out here, but that’s nothing new from CCP nor people that attend these forums.

Also, look for new opportunities. For example, you can learn where the ore is and prepare to take advantage of it 2x-ing. Another example: I have been doing private small scale ore deals to trade away nullsec ores m3-to-m3 to other producers who are in high/low, and I get Trit and Iso ores in return. It’s been a win-win for me: trit and iso are hard for me to come by, while Zydrine/Mega/Mercox for them; I get to mine out the “useless” Arkonor/Bistot in the anomalies so they respawn quicker and convert them to ores I need; I get to be social with people. You could do the same.


Still dont change the mats. double of 0 is? Also it screwed mercoxit and T2 Indy for some . Only the lowest sec in null have them In belts

Agree that was my hope too was to see Isogen and Nox back into HS. Oh well I guess

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You have learned to EVE. It is the highest compliment that can be paid.

You have not learned to EVE. Read his post again until you understand it.


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