Miners unite!

Tired of warping from belt to belt on your own?
Looking for Orca support?
Stopping your stripminer and warping out at first sign of danger?

Wat is more effective?
A solo miner or a boosted mining fleet?
Would you attack a fleet swarmed with 50 drones?

Yes! Miners can unite!

Join “Fafnir’s Tail”.
Unite mining forces to increase proffits.
Unite in fleets to mine secure.

“Fafnir’s Tail” corp is currently situated in highsec.
We make sure all miners know how to do basic mining like:

  • mine ore & ice in fleet
  • WH gas sniffing runs

The corp owns its own Athanor with moondrill.

Once we are well established in High Sec we aim at expanding to WH and null space.
Goal is to do minining whenever, wherever.
But Together!

Miners Unite!

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