Mining Barge BPO - Location / Cost

Would anyone happen the know the cost for a Mining Barge BPO and where they can be bought from an NPC?

I have seen researched originals in Jita for around 2 billion is, but I wanted to see if it was worthwhile to simply buy from the NPC order and research it myself.

Thanks in advance.

Since noones answered yet if I remember correctly, nullsec npc space, Outer Ring corp. Check where they have offices.

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Thank you. I will have to check out one of their stations.

Go to amarr. 100 mil extra is good price for safety of hisec. Especially when moving expensive BPO’s


Thanks for that. The sell prices aren’t too much higher than the NPC sell orders 200mil difference is not much at all considering the safety of buying in HS

Can I ask, why do you need a BPO? You can buy BPCs for cheap, and as many as you want.

Most of the time, its not worth buying a BPO. Especially for something like mining barges, where BPCs are easily available for really cheap.

The BPO itself is an asset which will at the very least retain its NPC Sell order value should I choose to sell it later on down the track.
I get that its probably better to use BPC from a cost perspective, but I also just like the idea of having an original copy.

Sure, but when you research, all that time and money is essentially gone.

Not very fiscally responsible, imho.

I’m in no rush to make back the initial investment. The BPO is still there and researched at the end. It doesn’t just disappear.

Buying it because I want it > fiscally responsible.


If youre unable to sell it, it does disappear in value, though. Something that cannot be sold is worthless.

Again, sure. If you want to buy a titan, and go afk in the middle of hostile space, go ahead. I like to think of these from an industrial, fiscal point of view, because we are in the marketplace discussions forums.

Why you are so fixated on putting your opinion onto others?

Because I care about them.

If you saw someone who wants to buy something, and you see its a bad idea, if you care about them you would say “uh, I think thats a bad idea”.

Thats what I do. I care about other people. Cause Im a nice guy.

He is actually a super nice guy. He spends most of his time picking up litter in-game.


It would made sense if OP didn’t mention at lest few times that he is fully aware of what he is doing…

It’s called vertical integration Solonius. He wants to invest upstream in the supply chain. In 2 years, you’ll buying your BPCs from him!

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