Mining Barges

Ah, but you are not allowed to have an alpha and any other account logged in simultaneously. So it couldn’t be you using a 2nd account. It would have to be a separate person.

But I can train the alpha to 5 mil for free then plex the account so I can get her in a carrieror dread and use my hauler to boost in an orca with something shooty in the bay and my pvp guy logged off in the belt.

We would all die in a fire but it might be fun.

But I wouldn’t want to train more mining skills than an alpha can use, so the question what is a viable alpha mining bs fit is still one that interests me.

In that case… Now I am guessing here but…

8 mining laser 1s
Shield tank
Cargo expanders, fitting mods, and mining upgrades as possible for lows.
Cargo exapnders/shield tank/fitting rigs as needed.

Flight of 5 light drones for rat defense

Now the last time I used something like this, it was pre-mining barge update. I could use T2 mining lasers and mods but could not nor would not train into barges. I could out mine a retriever but had half the cargo bay. Still, with hauler you can do fairly well.

I was a young toon and had only trained Caldari BS, but it did work well. You had 8 mining lasers so very good pull. Plus shield tank for the kids with a hull bonus there as well. Lows were expanders, and upgrade, and a DC I think. Rigs were again expanders. You had ample fitting room. I will try to get more detaila and actually make a fit once home.

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Thanks for that, I was hoping I could use mining drones and tank high sec rats, I would only use it in high sec for lols and netflix

It will be harder to watch Netflix, since your cycle time will be 60s, without boosting, and your hold will hold maybe a cycle, if you are lucky.

Yup the Drones for sure. You might be right, I wasn’t sure about some of the tech II’s, I haven’t been Alpha for a while so I can’t check :slight_smile:

Alphas cant use any sort of mining drone

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