Mining Belts

So when do both Hi Sec and Low sec belts respawn? And also, why do mining anomalies still show on scan despite been mined empty?

Many Thanks

Mining anomalies can still be warped to for various reasons (setting up bookmarks, wanting to check a nearby gate from within d-scan range, warping away from a fight) and NPC pirates can still spawn at them even if the ore is gone, so there are reasons for people to fly to empty belts.

I never looked much into when the static belts respawn, but I hear it happens at downtime (11:00 EVE time) and the amount that respawns depends on how much of it was mined out, with less ore respawning when more ore has been mined out. No idea about the details though, maybe a miner can tell more.

from about 1.5 years ago, belts would respawn only at downtime after every belt in the system was mined out. Each time the system would respawn belts, a different set of templates would be used for the size of the belt going from small to larger. There were 5 sets of templates, the 5th set of templates contained the most ore in the system, and when it respawned the 6th time, would go back to the first template, which was the smallest. generally, there is so much ore in HS that unless there are a very few belts, you won’t really need to worry about HS belt respawn.

I have heard anecdotal reports of belt spawn activity changing since my reference point but have not been able to reproduce any of the behaviors reported (new rocks respawned in belts in the middle of day) and when the persons that told me about what they saw tried to show the new behavior to me - it wasn’t there.

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