Mining efficiency question

Just came back from a 7 yesr hiatus and trying to figure out the most efficient mining group. I have four toons that can mine and one has maxed out mining gang bonuses. So what is the most efficient group.

  1. 4 skiffs jet can mining and when the four are full one toon grabs ore hauler and hauls till everything gone then jumps back in a skiff rinse repeat.

  2. 3 skiffs and deficated hauler.

  3. 3 skiffs 1 Porpoise. When Porpoise full dock and come back.

  4. 2 skiffs 1 Porpoise 1 hauler.

Thanks in advance!

That’s a shitty job :grinning:

I would go with 3 until you can upgrade to an orca, it has better stats across the board.

The reason I used Porpoise was if the system has a afk camper. I don’t want to risk a orca or really my Rorqual. I don’t mind losing a Porpoise :slight_smile:

You can store a combat ship in the Orca, swap one of the skiffs out for it while the other two dock up, and possibly fit that Combat ship with the punt-o-matic fit which will let your Orca warp away in 2 seconds or less.

Good idea, but I think in null sec a blackbird jammer with jamming drones would be preferable. They can’t tackle or kill what they can’t target :wink:

The safety play would be to use 4 skiffs and a Deep Space Transport for the collecting.

DST’s can hold two jet cans. Transports at Level 4 gives you a 60,000 m³ space. Plus they have a solid tank and access to Medium Micro Jump Drives. I would operation the skiffs in pairs, have them fill the same can.

A Command Destroyer might be an interesting alternative to the Porpoise. Sadly there is no miner version. But being able to micro jump the mining fleet out of range/danger for an incoming attack - of course all hypothetical.

They can’t target what isn’t even on grid to target either.

for the purpose of moving items, keep a miasmos in the orca.
hyperrigs, inertial stabilizer, warp stab *2, extenders in the mid.

Can you elaborate? Google isn’t helping.


Hulks and Orca/Rorq or you are wasting your time 100%.

Daredevil + Webbifiers = warp in under 1 second punting ship. Use duel in high sec.

3 hulk 1 orca if you aren’t in highsec and can’t afford a rorqual after when you can maybe 2 rorqual even 3 and 1 hulk to clean the mercoxit

My thoughts!

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