Mining Formations

I would like to suggest that you create a ‘Mining Formations’ skill that can be bought and trained that will allow miners to create a pattern for mining ships landing on grid to cover the whole belt very similar to your current formations skill that you recently introduced.

The player would enter how many ships will be landing, the belt they will be landing on and then they could pick from several formations such as ‘Ball’, ‘Diamond’, ‘Pentagon’ or ‘circle’ etc. To encourage Orca support over Orca mining you could make a restriction that the Orca land at the center of the belt and or the formation can only be used with an Orca at the center.

It might be nice to give a little extra range or yield bonus to miners who use this formation system whilst mining.

Can’t you use the existing fleet formations for that?

Thanks for the nudge in the right direction Gerard,

I assumed that the formations mechanic was for PVP only never thought to try it out before posting here. Am training as I write this. Hopefully it will help…these belts are much larger now (that is not a complaint!).

Will report back on usability when trained.

I never tried the formations myself as I haven’t trained them yet, and doubt about their usability for mining, I also doubt about their usability in general.

You can do some nice tricks with them though, and it can create some good screenshot formations.

But if you want to warp in formation to your belt, those fleet formations are the tool you’re looking for.

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