Mining in Missions

I wonder who kills the most mining barges these day Code or NPCs

I wonder who CCP loves more: highsec miners or NPCs.

Maybe you should start a new topic all about love

Maybe you should start a new topic about how you feel about Code.

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Maybe I would if they were interesting enough

Besides, I already started a topic about love:

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My standing is -0.01 so I think I will stick to hate, death to Amarr

I can’t speak to level 4 missions, but with level 1 and level 2 missions (missions specifically, not anomalies), there are plenty of them with ore.
Cargo Delivery, The Blockade, etc.

There are two of them that really caught my attention because they exposed a bit of the code behind how Eve works. I don’t recall the names of the missions, but there is a level 1 mission in which you will find Veldspar, Pyroxeres, and Plagioclase. And among all that ore will be one tiny little blap-it-with-a-strip-miner asteroid of Omber. Another similar mission has the same set up, but the tiny scrap asteroid is Kernite.

Unless CCP has created a trap/easter-egg (I haven’t gotten one of those missions again to try it with a ship that I can just throw away), it would appear that the code for asteroids spawning in hi-sec can not, for some reason, be set to zero.

I find the latter there to be less likely though. I want to test it out in a Venture and see if the tiny rocks are traps. I can see CCP doing that in order to facilitate “more destruction”. Plant a nuke-the-grid bomb inside a tiny rock of ore that isn’t supposed to be in hi-sec.

I get pyroxeres in minmatar mission sites so yes all high sec ore types occur in lvl 4 mission sites regardless of empire faction. Having said that I f*****g hate mining.

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Your theory relies on the idea that making a trap would also be interesting to CCP.

The failing of that is Ive never seen a bunch of Devs so bored that they cant even be bothered removing something until now.

I don’t think missions care what faction space they are in for their content only the faction of the agent.
Thus a Duo of death from a Minmatar agent has one content but the same mission name from a Caldari agent is actually a different mission with different content.

Extra Note - You can run missions for an enemy faction say for instance a Caldari agent in Minmatar space and it will give you the mission Enemies Abound Part 4 where you have to kill a bunch of Minmatar ships but until your standing gets below -4 the Minmatar navy won’t do anything about it.

That would happen though if you are continually running Caldari missions because you aren’t getting brownie points for killing Angels so eventually that standing would slide unless you turn down the missions against Gallente and Minmatar.

I am permanently at war so it’s not just gankers that would love to shoot my barge.
I don’t think I have closed dscan since 2014

They are gone from The Blockade

Yes the asteroids are Gone from Gone Berserk

Not level 1 and 2. And they still trigger the damage beacons at the end of every harvester module cycle.

I don’t know what that means

What’s a damage beacon ?

Only if they don’t have Combat Probes. And some of the missions generate a jamming field which means no one can get in on you.

Ironic if Code is complaining.

I havent seen any CODE. people complaining.

And why would it be ironic?

It would be a bit hard to scan someone down without combat probes, and to do this with the “field” active would mean keeping the mission open after youd finished it just to do the mining, which most people would see no sense in.

Yes you leave the mission open and mine the roids then complete the mission after the roids are all gone

The point is the same as the point in any mining

So not handing in till well after the bonus is gone for a few crumbs of veld?

Sounds pointless to me, especially as it seems moot now these are being removed, according to some observers.