Mining Op management and Timer Tool

Mining Timer Tool

Hello, do you want to manage your mining ops more easily?
Do you want an efficient and fast way to fairly distribute mined ores among players?
Are you tired of filling excel sheets for mining ops?
Then we have the right Tool for you, the free Mining Timer tool!


  • Time recording and calculation of time shares per player
  • Start, stop/pause each player individually
  • Player selection: all, none, all active, all inactive, single pick or individual Selection
  • Possibility to correct the start and stop times of each individual player
  • Start/stop multiple selected players
  • Add and remove any Mined Material
  • Calculation of the total time of the mining action
  • Calculation of the mining time of each individual player
  • Possibility to add new players at any time
  • Editable mission name
  • GUI auto update
  • Autosave on relevant changes e.g. adding a player, ore or consumable
  • Loading mission save files
  • Billing of consumables coverd by the organization/guild (fuel costs, consumables, etc.)
  • Organisation/guild tax from 0% - 100%
  • Player skill level from 0% - 100%
  • Favorites management

The tool only works with timestamps and calculates the share of each individual player from mining time, skill (0%-100%), corp tax and any expenses, and presents this in a visually appealing way. The Mining Timer Tool does not automate any entries and works locally without any online interfaces!

If we have aroused your interest, take a look at

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