That’s what the Porpoise and Orca are, if they made a T-2 variant it could only be improved with more yield but then others would cry OP.

The Orca is T1, with a hull cost of 2 billion ISK. A T2 variant would be nothing more than a 4 billion ISK killmail when you AFK in it and get ganked…

Think they’ll ever make the rorqual able to go to high sec?

Only if you are a botter. And even then, only for special events.


Considering the Rorqual has a panic button that makes you invulnerable for a period of time, no.

Its moon mining or ice depending on whats being mined.

Only if by “top tier” you mean “best isk per hour.” Moon mining is catatonically boring.

All mining is boring.

Then why do it?

At the time 4-5 bil an hour.

Ice mining?

It would have to be high tier ice

I would like to see small random

spawns in wh’s.

With a lot of ppl asking for things that shouldn’t be, why not ask for that as well?

R64 or r32s depending on what it was. Ice at the time could be as valuable as r32 or lower r64s

That’s why people go afk because they fall out .

They do, clear cikle, glare crust etc.

Thats a good way to lose ships lol

People keep saying better and bigger miner ships would tank the ore market. But since the implementation of the faction war update, aren’t ships being destroyed quicker? Would that not mean more of a demand?

Sure, and that higher demand is well-satisfied with the current lineup of mining ships. In fact, demand could probably increase ten-fold and barely make a dent in the ore/mineral market due to the huge stockpiles people have.

Market demand has nothing to do with “we need new kinds of mining ships” anyway.

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Typically, when players (especially new players) ask for changes to mining or to add new ships, it’s for one of two reasons. They either want it to be un-killable, or they want to greatly expand their efficiency and ore hold so they can more easily AFK…

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