Minmatar fits for Abyssal Deadspace

So I just trained a Minmatar pilot, and still working on skilling him. Right now I can do up to cruiser size ships, t1 or faction ships only. What are some cheap fits for ships that I coud possibly use? I can use t2 small weapons and ammo, and t1 mediums with some t2 tank. Hardeners that are t2 I can’t use. I’m really looking for cheap fits that could be replaced a half a dozen times while I learn.

You can find fits suggested by other people on this site: https://abysstracker.com/fits
(filter for the ships you can use on the left)

There is also an in-game channel called “Abyssal Lurkers” iirc. People in there should be able to help with further questions.

Good luck.

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  • begin with Tranquil Eletricals, they only have very weak enemies and you will get a huge capacitor bonus that is pretty nice when doing the first runs as a beginner.
  • don’t do Darks, Guns will barely hit anything in there!

Optional (when you feel safe in the Tranquils):
Eifyr and Co. ‘Gunslinger’ Small Projectile Turret SP-603
Inherent Implants ‘Lancer’ Gunnery RF-903

Tactic is pretty simple: Go brawl, apply both webs on your target and gun it down. Anything that is a frigate you can “Keep at range 1500m”. Anything that is a cruiser you go “orbit 1500m”.

  • if you notice you take a lot of damage: check your speed (go into orbit to evade damage, do keep at range to do more damage yourself)

Should you want to try Firestorms, you should use Phased Plasma Ammo. In Gammas use Fusion, also you can use Hail against big targets. In Exotics use Barrage, you lose some DPS but gain Range and deal at least half Kinetic damage. Don’t do Darks with this ship! Remember: No Cap bonus in these filaments, be careful if you face enemies who energy neutralize you. You will be stable if not neuted, but if you let those survive for too long, they might shut down your repper.

Overall costs are 17M, I consider this pretty cheap. If you want to try Calms you should have learned the names of the NPCs in there and what they do and how to counter it.

Good luck!

PS when going the Minmatar Gunboat Route, the Vagabond is your goal. It can run Abyssals quite well, even the high tiers.

Edit: Don’t brawl the Drone Battlecruisers (They are named “Embergrip Tessera”, “Sparkgrip Tessera” etc…), they deal insanely high shortrange damage and you need to avoid coming close to them at all costs. Load Barrage, dualweb them and stay 7500m, don’t go closer.


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