Minmatar Liberation Day

I agree that things should be autoclaimed, it would make it much easier.

But the rewards structure is good. You don’t have to do the grind. There are rewards every step of the way asking with ISK. You gotta have an ultimate goal that rewards effort. If it’s so easy, it becomes little more than another login reward.

I never finished this part, It requires ships which are few hundered million ISK, and it favors drone ships. The combat sites are too few and you can’t find one which is not destroyed already. That’s what I call bad event design.

So the very very badly designed event is over but which tribe won? and where is the new NPC station?

I thought this event was good. However completing the goal of 600 points with 2 or 5 points each time made the event too much of a grind.

The first event thing I did was the Tribal Lore Route which I thought was great. That aspect should be included on all events. The Lore Route itself should be longer with more sites to provide a more in-depth look into the history. From what I saw, the graphics for all of the event sites was very well done. I especially liked the fireworks going off after a can was hacked.

I didn’t check out the Combat sites but if their graphics were similar to the Mining sites, then CCP’s Art Department truly did an amazing job, and that’s very much appreciated. In fact I took way more screenshots during this event than I have done in the past year.

So yeah, excellent job on this event. Definitely looking forward to the next one.

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Minmatar are only good for one thing: to scrub my toilets and do my dishes.

I enjoyed it for the most part, but it didn’t go long enough. Since the rewards STOP at … however many points (was it 600?), letting these events go a little longer would have been nice. C’est la vie, still well done and adds a nice change to Nullsec and PI.

I wasn’t talking about the graphics. I was talking about the piss poor event design.

I said this before on a similar topic and I guess I’ll post it here, too. I just wish the different tribal skins were available outside the event. Being limited like they were just makes it seem like a waste of resources, imo. Plus, I would’ve loved to fill my collection of Nefantar skins :stuck_out_tongue:

We piss on your toilet seat and your clean dishes. :slight_smile:

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I loved this event. I have to say though that during the upcoming Foundation Day event, I will not be completing event sites, only hunting the pitiful remnants of a dying theocracy as they celebrate their madness.

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My reply wasn’t directed to you.

Course I may have hit the wrong reply button and inadvertently replied to you instead of to the thread. If so then my apologies.

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Can someone post somewhere who won, and a table of standings or something like that. This forum is a horrible laberynt

AI is stupid broken.