Mirror mirror on the wall who is the strongest of them all?

Saw some red ships going to a waypoint decided to attack, did not make a dent could not warpp out got killed 19 jumps away from home base lol ok I’m a noob, maybe an idiot, but how do I know If they are my strenght? They were NPC’s? https://esi.evetech.net/v1/killmails/77377033/a3f224fd4f2a29cf4d14a5c6bedc051f477ab579/?datasource=tranquility

And of course while on Broom break and auto pilot (for the first time) in a 0.7 area I got killed… of course


I rôle play like it was me so I do take calculated risk I do not want to loose ships (I know I will, of course) but is there a way to find out how powerfull enemies are ?

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Sounds like maybe the red ships were Drifters if you were in hisec space.

They are all going to be too powerful for you at this point. Don’t try to fight them solo…


my advice would be to join a newbie-friendly corp like eve-university to at least learn the basics (no autopilot, npcs, etc)

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Fixed links for you.

  1. The ones you attacked were sleeper drones. They are usually dormant unless provoked.
  2. The second death is to current triglavian invasion content and you got punished to having an audacity to autopilot through invasion systems.

I dont need to even read your post to know the answer.

I am the strongest.

Of them all.


You can now bow down.

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Here’s a quick summary of NPC rats you might encounter that I wrote up for another player a while back:

Since I wrote that, the Triglavian Invasions have now been added as well. You will be notified if you enter an Invasion system. These rats will swarm you, consistently respawn and have much better AI than the others, so be particularly careful in dealing with these.

And, as others have said, avoid using Autopilot as this is just a magnet for disaster.

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Yes just was Broom breaking hahaha In the middle heared my ship getting blowned up

My reaction :

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