Misconceptions in game development

Hello, there seems to be some major misconceptions in the PC game industry. It thinks it has to add new content all the time, and it thinks the player base is static, ie. its the same player that is playing every day and the goal is to not make him bored. But veteran players take breaks, new players come, players that have never tried any of the content before even the old stuff. This happens because new people are born every day, and new people get their first PC every day. So you can just make a great game, and do minor maintenance and there will always be a group of people that have never tried it before and can have a good time and what not.

There is also a misconception that big features are better than small ones. But in for example Rimworld, the most popular mod is Wall Light. All it does is add a light that can be put on the wall. It has over a million subscribers and is the most popular mod of all time for the game.


So there is a lesson there. Sometimes small, yet essential features/additions can be more popular than big picture stuff. It gets even better because the small yet essential stuff is easier to add as well. You would think professional game developers would be able to figure this out but it seems they wont. And established games will just continue to bulldoze over the game with big picture stuff and neglecting all the small yet essential issues and stuff that can be added to their own detriment. But it is what it is. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

Who defines what is a “small” feature/addition. Vs a “Large” feature/addition?

CCP operates via quarterly expansions. Every game is different and no other MMO (that I know of) runs on this schedule with this kind of grandeur CCP does with every expansion.

That’s because a video game is a product line of a corporation/business. They need to look at the big picture so they can report to shareholders what their plans are going to be.

Yes we will continue with the large drops and the hyped up games. I am hyped for EVE Vanguard. I was hyped for Cities Skylines 2. (It released) So yah. It is what it is. As you mention. I like big hyped-up stuff. Gives me a reason to wake up and go at the world.

Sometimes the hype is overblown or it even downright lets you down (Cities Skylines 2 bugs) but that’s fine. It’s a risk I take in the end.

And remember, community.

Disagreeing is Ignorance.

So make sure you agree with and applaud the OP.


OP just has bouts of 100000000 IQ posts and the next day OP posts something off the walls. :joy:

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I will only respond to questions i think :slight_smile: It seems like the best way to have a discussion and also the best way for you to show how im wrong if at all if thats your goal :slight_smile: Lets go

You just didn’t.

So, you lost. Like 15 seconds into the game.

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Thank you Wesfharn, for your deep insight and pointing out the obvious flaw EvE online:

The inability to allow player created mods.

If only we had that, EvE would be so much better.

I’m glad you’re the first person to point that out. (Is it okay to lie, as long as that too is agreeing with you?)

Actually i will refrain from posting because despite what people think this thread and others is not about me :slight_smile: Remember

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With that being said im out, this forum is not for me, it never was. Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Proof required. Citation from peer reviewed scholarly publication needed.

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A discussion without a point is not what can qualify one as “great”.

I think he might mean for today, I’m sure he’ll post another dozen of pointless threads tomorrow as he always does. :stuck_out_tongue: :upside_down_face: :thinking:

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