Misleading Event Text - True Rewards Enclosed - Crimson Harvest 2021


I had to look-up the word “equivalent” to make sure I wasn’t tripping. Semantics can swing both ways. These rewards might be equivalent in isk value, but in every other way: the rewards will be completely different depending on faction choice.

This was like last event, where I was much more furious. I chose a random Minmatar tribe, based off of its politics, because I was told the rewards for each faction are equivalent when they were not. I therefore lost-out on cool skins on my main because of CCP’s idiocy.

Where the hell are the spaces between periods after ending sentences? Embarassing and dishonest, and proven to be so.

Below are the completely different and not one bit equivalent rewards for each faction choice:

  • Tetrimon:

  • Blood Raiders:


You just need to review your English. The use of the word " equivalent " is correct compared to the experience you’re describing regarding loot.

I suggest you use Google’s minigame Word Coach and train on it. It’s pretty nifty and can teach you a lot about the use of word equivalence in the English language.

Reading what you’re describing, CCP has used the word correctly.


Why wouldnt you just do both?

But also; skins and boosters, whats the difference?

Semantics. The word can be construed either way, depending on what the individual ascribes to value. Aesthetically, the value is not equivalent.

Wasn’t aware one charcater could get both skins from both sides. I enjoy collecting skins.

During the last event, due to me trusting their casual use of the word “equivalent,” I clicked before researching what consequences my choices would have. CCP assured me there was no difference, when in fact: there is.

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But technically it is. 🤷

I see where you are coming from. We might be able to agree technically each side is an equivalent substitute for the other.

Without including the substitution caveat, I cannot accept that a series of green and gold skins are equivalent in looks to a series of red and black skins. To one who puts high value on shiny looks (as does the skin market itself), the wording irks me as disingenuous.

I have been conditioned to see CCP as the enemy. We, as players, are the only resource available to defeat the obstacles presented to us in EvE by CCP.

This is but another obstacle and another little player-provided solution.

You cant. Use your main and one of your alts.

My main sheds a single tear.


Thats super.

Irrelevent, but super.

Perhaps they will simply recycle the same old event and the same old skins next year so I can get some more the second go-around.

Or just buy them off the market in 3 days time when the price has fully tanked.

Pretty sure some or most of the skins auto-inject and are rarely, if ever, traded on the market.

Ive not won any but there is nothing to suggest thats the case. Usually there is an icon that identifies that, and these skins arent new.

Above is an event skin (Ardishapur) which is unavailable for purchase on the market, suggesting that it is an auto-injected reward. I have not done this event, but seem to remember this being the case for previous events.

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Well that would suck ■■■■ and another reason to ignore these ■■■■ events

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Thats personal preference, you not liking the skins doesn’t mean they aren’t actually equivalent to each other, you just don’t like them

Red and black are not equivalent to green and gold. One could substitute them, but they will not be equal in value to someone deriving that value from aesthetic pleasure.

Replace the greens and golds in a masterpiece painting with reds and blacks. Tell me they are equivalent pieces without irony. I just won’t believe you.

It could be to you, as someone who cares about aesthetics and I understand you, but CCP doesn’t seem to value one color over another and now that you know that you can act accordingly.

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Sure, but thats personal equivalence, it has nothing to do with actual equivalence in terms of the reward tracks, you’re free to prefer one over the other, but they are equal in terms of value, which is what is meant here

You not liking them is a different issue, one that CCP isn’t required to fix


You can run both sites, but only get rewards from one tree. And since the skins are autoinjected, and unable to be obtained on the market, you miss out on the other tree’s skins.

Honestly, I can see how this would piss collectors off (especially if they picked Amarr) since they can’t even see what skins they get access to before making a choice. So, they either have to use an alt, or try asking around -and that’s assuming that they didn’t already chose a side before realizing that they would close themselves off from the other skins).

FYI, Ardishapur skins SUCK BALLS! I mean, I’m not too thrilled about Sarum, but Ardishapur are barely indistinguishable from the default skins. Feel free to check them out by using skin previews, but I think many players would be happier siding with the blood raiders (well, as far as skins go. Don’t know if killing amarr ships in this event will affect standings).