Missed Opportunity with Opportunities window

currently as it stands it seems to me (at my last look) that groups can reward players with ISK for activites.

how about this is expanded to include… evermarks, SP & Ships.

I don’t know much about opportunities either, but -correct me if I’m wrong- don’t the opportunities allow corporations set up quests to pay ISK to members who fulfill the challenges?

This means no ISK is generated, just redistributed.

It’s a lot easier and convenient to redistribute ISK than to redistribute SP or ships to people.

Ship rewards could be delivered only at a certain location because items in EVE do not teleport, unlike ISK.
And SP rewards would require SP injectors as input in order to not invalidate the extractor mechanism, and what happens to leftover SP if the injector does not equally divide in the amount of challenges you set up?

Would it not be much easier and more convenient to simply reward people with ISK instead?

That way players can use the ISK to buy SP or ships anywhere they want.

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He’s probably only referring to the Dailies.

no, that’s not what i meant at all.

when an opportunity is created you can choose to reward players with isk which as Gerard has correctly stated isn’t generated but redistributed.

my thought is why not expand the system to allow players who create opportunities to reward people with evermarks, SP or ships.

you would have to fly to the right station to get this of course as to not have it suddenly spawn into the game, i just think there’s more that could be achieved with this, maybe all that SP on the markets becomes valuable for creating content for pilots.

Fair enough. That makes sense. One caveat, however: You would have to lock the specific object/currency amount once the Opportunity is created so that no one can remove the object or currency to prevent the payment of the rewards.

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agreed, would be entirely fair and also means the opportunity would be capped at the number of available rewards for sp/ships/other items / whatever else.

Being able to reward players with a fully fit ship would be a good thing for newbro corps. Wrapping their heads around the fitting system is a big hurdle for a lot of people, so having a method to bypass that for newbros would be beneficial. It wouldn’t be too difficult to say how many ships were available or where the location of the ship is within the opportunity window.

tbh, it would be good for ship replacement programs too. You lost a specific type of ship during a specific time frame? Claim a ship. Would make reshipping for big fleets pretty easy, and you wouldn’t need to give out ships ahead of time or have someone on standby who can dole them out.

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or maybe “loose a ship, do this minor task, get a replacement” could make for some pretty interesting content.