CCP Missed Opportunities


With EVE you have a beautiful game with some solid lore behind it, but your missing some opportunities for extra income. Opportunities that you have explored in the past and could be brought back.

  1. Novels: the lore for this game is deep enough for MANY novels to be published and sold. You did three and then seemed to ignore this incredible opportunity.

  2. EON: The creation of a physical magazine might seem odd to many but again there is potential there. Doing a 4 to six annual issue magazine is something I think a lot of people would be interested in. Especially if it had interesting articles, once more deep diving lore but using it to also incorporate what the players are doing in the universe as well.

  3. Coffee Table Books: A few of these have been done range from a book with some of the lore background to a look at the Frigates for the four major factions. There are lots of opportunities for more of these. A book on each of the major ship classes, such as Destroyers and Cruisers. or maybe a book on just the Faction ships.

  4. Ship models for display: You have done this a few times, the originals where great and then you moved to doing some 3D printed. I think this should be continued, I am sure a lot of players would love to have a model of their favorite ship on the shelf of their “geek” cave.

  5. More Merch: The Merchandise store has some nice options but the selection could be updated with some new look and styles.

EVE is a game that is more than just pushing pixels on the screen for a lot of people. With a rich lore and the only game where the players are actively shaping the story, there is a real opportunity to give players more of the game.

CCP stands for Caldari Cost Pruning

(I know it doesn’t ok? so hold your horses and save your time :stuck_out_tongue: )

So anything that has negative or zero ROI is axed. I think there is far less players willing to buy more high-end merch (the kind you highlighted) than players willing to purchase lower-end kind (t-shirts, mugs, metal water bottles, etc).

The cost of supplying high-end merch is definitely higher than that of the lower-end. But the demands are in reverse respectively. The supply of the high-end is economically viable under conditions that high sell price multiplied by the demand volume equals or exceeds that of the low-end. Anything in between is charity. Caldari don’t do that, do they?

I have no real stats to support my explanation. This my subjective reasoning based on some basic knowledge of running a business so it does not go underwater and comparative costs of producing various commodities.

The best option would be a pre-order model, when you pay up-front for something expensive to produce and the batch is produced under condition there is enough pre-orders filled until the deadline. If enough people sign-up the production starts and everybody is happy :slight_smile:

…and Caldari may count they Icelandic Krona (or ISK for short) earned.

EDIT: I had forgot to mention the Caldari are already pre-ordering :smiley:

But strangely enough this info its not all over the place :thinking:

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Strangely enough there isn’t any info in the info. It’s the EvE Mystery Box !!


CCP dont even know how to effectively price what they used to nake, let alone stuff in the new ultra expensive modern age.

Also, the lore is total puddle-deep guff.

The interesting stuff is what actual people do.

Because it is a hype train accelerating and preorders have not started yet.

Ah, must be contemporary marketing strategy. Cool cool.

More likely, someone did read the forums and saw there was the expectation of there being a 20th anniversary box. And then someone else thought " s*** this wasn’t in the planning, we need to do something quick but what ?",

“Quick” in ccplingo has no known definition, as exemplified by “shipments 8 to 9 months after closure of pre-order”…, a pre-order window which hasn’t even started yet, lol. Perhaps it could be labeled as “previous anniversary’s collector’s edition” by the time it ships ?


lol, that’s probably what happened…


At that price it better include a solid gold capsule

If its another rifter USB hub imma be real sad


Hi welcome and very well constructed thread.

The top one really hits home, I would lap up the novels as I had done so for World of Warcraft.
It would be something I feel that they could even revisit the Scope series on youtube and perhaps convert that story to novel, (please let me know if this had not already happened)

Also not so much leaning for the physical book as most coffee tables today are of the minimalist design and with the use of a ipad or tablet or even have alexa read an ebook for them.

What I would like to purchase is a coffee mug with an Orca on the side.


you mean panfam rat in ishtars and mine in hulks while doing nothing useful and imperium rat in ishtars and mine in hulks while doing nothing useful?

I think she rather meant something like this:

I hope you catch my drift :wink:

Cant say I know what the Pandas do for fun. Imperium just breaks the law in the real world so Ive no idea what they do in game either.

But if in turn by lore you mean NPCs who literally do nothing, probably.

What do you do in game that you feel its not more interesting than nothing?

Dont you have any friends? Do you not go on adventures?

Who in their right mind comes up with this garbage.

I was thinking a EVE museum would be cool. For example the ship models have changed alot over the years it would be cool with a museum where the older models was still visible somehow. Idk if it should cost money, probably be free admission, so wont make them much money. But if they ever have a good year revenue wise maybe invest it in something like that.

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alazarr send me isk

nice suit…

One could only imagine that there would be a special room, boardroom even where all the ship model line to walls.

Could anyone please share pictures of such a room?

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