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Recently a core function seemed to go missing from my installation…

When out in the universe, if I hover over a rig or weapon, the context menu showing stats about the module no longer appear. This includes information about optimal weapon distances, tick rates for harvesting, what ammunition is loaded, etc.

This is a huge inconvenience, obviously. I haven’t been able to find if I hit some keyboard shortcut that disabled them but that may be what happened if such a shortcut exists by default.

Hovering over objects in space DO trigger a context information, so not every hover-item is missing.

Any thoughts on what is going wrong here?

Thank you,

For further context, this is what i get when hovering over a gas scoop:

When over the scoop, I should see the max range and such but nothing shows up at all.

One idea before considering a potential reinstall: Try verifying the shared cache in your launcher settings, maybe some files got corrupted or something and this should (maybe) fix that.

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I’ll give that a try. I built this PC 2 weeks ago, so it is a newer install of the game, but still worth a shot if nothing else works.

Sadly, verifying did not fix the issue.

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Well you could still contact support before reinstalling, maybe they had this issue in the past or independent of that know what could cause it.

Also maybe someone here drops in who had experience with it in the past and/or knows a solution.

As you wrote it is a fairly fresh install so not sure if that would fix it and either way a reinstall should be the last resort.

Maybe also worth updating your video and other drivers just in case, worth a try.

Have you tried resetting all game settings? I know there is one in there for “tooltip delay”. When I have that maxed I get odd tooltip behaviour (sometimes not showing at all).

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Sad that it came to it, but doing ‘reset all’ on settings did fix it. but now I get to reconfigure everything :smiley: joy.

Thanks for the tip.

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