Missing Princess! Aiko Dead?

I really love if I don’t matter in-game because no one will bother to shoot me.

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“You dont matter” he says.

Someone else thinks otherwise <3


Very neat!

Is this some kind of new lore related event and if so shouldn’t this be in the player fiction category on the forums?

1m for an aiko corpse


At least Neo_Bladedrifter is back , hope you had a good one

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[ 2021.01.06 07:25:27 ] Zena Messerschmitt > where is aiko?
[ 2021.01.06 07:26:04 ] Gallente Citizen I > She’s on vacation with James
[ 2021.01.06 07:26:45 ] Gallente Citizen I > I think aiko & james are in the mediterranean for at least another week, but I don’t remember

Tom_Strongman_WWIG - Pastebin.com


And now someone posting old stories from miner bumping on the code blog. Looks like the op was right

Btw where is the op , has he gone missing too

This could be Githany Red’s doing , for the first time AG are standing up to gankers , other signs are on the wind to , Hell Dawn had a good seeing to and lost a ganking station in Sivala , hell dawn are a war decing ganker group of low compute in high security space if anyone didn’t know.

High sec seems to be fighting back on many fronts , people see what can be done and so could Aiko so as rats do has left the sinking ship of criminal activity in empire space…

All it needs is people to stand up and take action.

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Where did you get that impression “for the first time” lol

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A promising start of new year. :sunglasses:

I’m sure she will be back one day , we all need a break from eve now and then.

Now off to read some old miner bumping stories or shall I go to there new blog and read old stories from miner bumping. Don’t suppose it matters where.

well now reports of a code. split … i love the eve online rumor mill.

Interestingly Aiko, Kusion and Bob painter all return to high sec ganking the same day .

Maybe all back from Mittani’s holiday villa, although it would have to be big to fit all of Kusion and painter fleet in.

So Aiko has been seen but is it her or just another fake jita scammer flying around.

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There has been no split there was however a coup attempt which failed, As everyone is aware James 315 was elected the Saviour of high sec unanimously . Despite this a little princess being a princess believed she should have got more votes than James despite no one voting for her, this imagined slight apparently sat festering in her pretty little head and she began plotting against James the one true Saviour.

She surrounded herself with yes men and dolphins fulfilling her every desire and the delusions grew and grew, mostly baseless accusations about the election and how it was “stolen” from her. the yes men agreed with her every rant and tantrum about James and how it wasnt fair that the forums weren’t treating her with the respect she felt she deserved.

The small crew surrounding Aiko enabled her delusions and perhaps believed in them themselves after a while and they grew to believe they could overthrow the officially elected government of Highsec and put Aiko on James throne. they in their madness, for madness it was, imagined they were supported by a vast army which would appear and back them up at the crucial moment.

they schemed and plotted and believed they had deeply infiltrated the high command of the mighty CODE. alliance and when they believed they were ready they held a rally outside the sacred citadel where the CODE. alliance was based. Aiko and her cracked dolphin troops stormed the citadel and forced their way in with the clear intention of a coup.

But once they were in they were confused , where was everyone where was James . Also where were the massive army that was going to back them up, it failed to appear and why were all the important doors locked to them !.

They slowly realised all their wild delusions were just that and their coup was destined to failure, Aiko and her broken and rapidly shrinking band of troops retreated to Safety and began to form a new plan.


You might want to review the definition of a "coup’, old friend :slight_smile:




1. a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government.

“he was overthrown in an army coup”

I think you need to calm down and reassess your position here. Will you align yourself with the forces of truth and justice, or will you be left by the wayside? The arc of history is upon us, choose wisely.

Choose none.

Nobody choose James tho, as nobody choose Aiko. They did choose themselves as the chosen ones, true authoritarianism. Or maybe I should say start of monarchy like in case of Aiko.

They can have followers, but followers have really not much to say, other than praises.

and no word from Aiko , i want to hear what she has to say

I retained her private services for most of the past month. You may hear from her again after she’s recovered.

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