Missing Princess! Aiko Dead?

There is a thread on reddit, and someone stated that its only reworking of the CODE format, while peeps have left CODE because they wanted to do wardecs and low sec pvp.

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"The real life is in our imaginations" - Jerry Rin

I talked to Aiko. She seems to be well :innocent:

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Have you considered not being an antiganker?

Gankers get direct access to my hotline.


Is this situation related with that “ serious “ conspiracy theory about CCP remove PvP from high sec ? May be she begin to swim back to source of river … or left the ship before it sink… or felt its dying and went to elephant cemetary ? I dont know really …
may be CCP see and likes the idea no high sec pvp in echoes and had brilliant ideas and suddenly find out a way to make subscribe billions of carebears forever ?
Crazy questions maaaan… i think i filled my yearly conspiracy theory quote badly in this single post … cyaao/

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as far as i can tell this is a troll post at least i hope it is :slight_smile: but in case its not ,i shall repeat for the slower people here , remove pvp and pve has no meaning if you dont believe this go on the test server . you can pve all you like in 100% safety and it means nothing, absolutely nothing, there is no loss so nothing has any value, items ships, your time , your “achievements” its all meaningless .


What’s code again?

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I have been sequestered with the Party Congress, reviewing testimonials from the Committees of Correspondence. As many of you already know, we have declared a new government. It is a people’s republic, if you can keep it.


Has James finally been corrupted by miner bot aspirants and become an afk alliance head bot-aspirant?

Plot thickens.


Neo have you now disappeared too.

Funny how this post started as a bit of fun, ended up telling the story of more treachery underhandedness and backstabbing we come to expect from Aiko .

We still need to band together and fight code and safety , join us and watch the anti-ganking channel in game and answer the call to battle.

Btw who’s the op, psychic or safety Informer or a spy master, I want to hear more from him , I might even pay for any information that helps fight criminal types and pretender anti-gankers

Come on Githy, isn’t this what you always wanted?


Betrayal in EVE Online?!


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No actually it isn’t , I want people to play the game and fight you, I get as mad as you over afk pilots and badly setup ships, just a different way of doing stuff

Um… Why would I get mad over AFK pilots and badly setup ships??