Missing Slave Pens: The rogue Slave Trader 1 of 2

(Anize Oramara) #1

Is this a known issue with the Slave Pens object not spawning in the mission? Need to kill the slave pens to spawn the can with the mission objective in.

(poulett) #3

The Rogue Slave Trader (1 of 2)

(Kenneth Endashi) #4

Thank you! Do you play missions that award slaves?

(Buoytender Bob) #5

Never had the needed asteroid not spawn at warp in; although I don’t have it up on my overview settings, I can always manually scroll over and highlight it for targeting. Strange. I think at levels lower than 4, it spawns on the nearby npc “station”, although it’s been years since I’ve run this in level 3 or lower.