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Hi, I’ve only been playing for a few days, I’m the first missions of the attacks immediately after the rebirth with the heat and towards the end of the tutorial, I had this mission that I can not understand the text says this " Collect compressed Capsule Shells from the Hunt sites. Concord and others might pay to have then returned " I do not understand in which sector I have to go and How can I help understand? I’m italian sorry my english.

Those eggs can occasionally be found in 1-3 containers around 10 km from the beacon. Usually there are no containers, most sites don’t have any eggs at all. Keep looking and make sure to be first, as these containers are often looted in a hurry by the first player to enter the site. Containers may despawn after fighting starts.


This is not a mission, but special event currently running. It just shows up at the top by default when you bring up the agency.

You should really post this in the New Citizens section, there you will get much better and detailed help. As a brand new player this may be too tough for you to solo unless you know a little bit about what you’re doing. So keep that in mind.

Of course, you can always go steal the eggs from sites already in progress then quickly warp out, but again, that is not advisable unless you know a little bit of what you are doing and are making an informed decision.

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Thank you, sorry, but now as you advise me to do I find myself with a ship Frigate minning because my previous ship was destroyed in the final mission of the tutorial, I do not really know how to move and how to do the agents’ missions. Thanks, give me some advice.

Honestly the single greatest bit of advice I could offer:

Join a newbie corp. Brave, EveUni, etc. Something large, something established.

I say this because then you will not just get an answer or advice, you’ll get opportunities to be mentored. You’ll get assistance.

To very broadly answer your actual question, use the agent finder to locate a nearby agent of a desired type of mission. You should be able to set a destination from that information, and travel to them.

Good luck, have fun, and fly safe. Remember the golden rule of Eve: Don’t undock what you cannot afford to lose. Welcome to Eve.

Specifically, look for Career Agents. These agents are the next stage of tutorials, and can be found in all Empires.

Doing the Career Agent missions will net you some ‘free’ ships and some cash and useful modules.

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