The Hunt Eggs

What do you do with these eggs? The site says turn them in, but where and for what? Do they act like SOE Nexus Chips?

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I have seen that some people buy them, but in description there is something about CONCORD. I have not seen any CONCORD buy orders tho.

Maybe they will come later.

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In Lonetrek saw at least 20 stations with NPC buy orders, look for 365 day buy orders. Those weren’t Concord though. And price was like 140k per egg.

I’ll keep 'em. Even if I’ll trash 'em later.

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they are like the blue loot in WHs or the Overseer Effects from DED sites. you can sell them at NPC stations, i would keep one just for collection purposes.

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Egg a police ship!

–Gadget says, don’t try this at home


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