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I like to run missions, sure its not for everyone but for me its good, however I do this to increase my standings with the 4 major fractions.
here lies the problem…
The missions give me no idea if its going to hurt my standing with the other fractions by doing said mission, (It is sort of vaguely indicated by the fraction your going up against)

But to find out for sure and by how much, I have to consult a third party website and rely on 'someone’s comment" on that site (if they made one) as too weather or not it will effect my standing with another major fraction and if your lucky by what percentage (assuming the information is correct).

I should not have to consult a third party website to find out this info and relay on a contributors info that’s been there done the mission and reported back to that site to find out this info. I Think the missions to this degree need an update with some more info so one doesn’t have to rely on a third party website and the community contribution. (which I do appropriate by the way)

hi @Galatea_Centennial

usually if it goes versus “Pirates” it will not hurt your standings with other main factions
you allways have to check who you fighting against

who you run missions for? you did not mention that

about the “third party websites” … EVE has a good community … some stuff is community driven more then other … i use 15 to 20 third party websites regualary
i guess its normal to use third party websites … maybe not that many but if you do different stuff at the same time its normal i guess



the survival guide has been used to my knowledge for at least 7 years maybe longer. 3rd party or not, it’s one of the best sites to keep info on for running missions.

As JuuR stated, If you are going against Gurista, Blood Raider, Sansha, Serpentis, or angel cartel, you will not be hurting standings against other FACTIONS (where are you getting an R)? If you are running missions for caldari, and you decide to do Enemies abound, You will do a lot of damage to your gallente standings (i know, i’m so bad in the hole i can’t do the SoE Epic Arc.)

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You will lose standing for ship kill and wull take a derived standing loss for storyline missions. A lot of players will decline missions against empire factions and storyline missions for that reason. This means you’ll need to work from a mission hub with a lot of agents.

The SOE Epic Arc will let you increase standing with the empire faction of your choice by about 8% every 90 days. If you run missions for SOE the derived standing loss for storylines will be smaller since none of the empire factions really hate them.

unless you’re like that guy, and can’t do the SOE arc lol.

They really should revisit that mission stuff and allow players to opt-out of all faction related missions.

It’s really annoying if you want to do some relaxing missioning in the evening, but the guy gives you two faction missions in a row, and all you can do is to quit and retry the next day. And no: I really don’t want to move stuff around in this game just because CCP is lazy.

And if you are a new player and don’t know about this stuff it is even worse. It took me several years to recover from the standing loss I didn’t knew about when I first started this game. Other, less persistent people would probably have just deleted the char or quit the game instead.

Eve is full of combat sites that have no impact on your empire faction standings - shoot the rats, collect the bounties, loot and salvage if you want. Highsec anomalies can generate escalations up to DED 5. The agency will identify anomalies and signatures in your locale.

Edit - forgot the link: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Combat_sites

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