Mission to players owned complex

I have thought a lot about it.
If one allows NPC to run missions from players owned complex. It could provide completely new possibilities. If you transfer play standing to corporation standing.
For example, if you are looking at player standing.
And gives corporation a rankings at the corporation that is good standing and the other way around.
CEO standing 6 can give lvl 1 missions, 7 can give lvl 2 mission, 8 can give lvl 3 missions, and standing 9 gives lvl4 mission and standing 9.5 gives lvl 5 missions. When you reach the required stand, you can request an agent connection to a station open to all, and with reprocessing and industry.
Or calculate another system through standing from corporation members.
Then you can give corporation with the selected agent percentages …
A lvl 1 mission that gives 100,000 ISK to players. Then you can pay 1,000 ISK to a company that houses the agent.


So that you can deny them access after they accepted missions? Most everything involving player structures is nothing but a cancerous annoyance.


So, you should, of course, lose the right to have an agent if you change access or other requirements that are required to have agents.

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Yeah, I don’t like the idea of having NPC agents available in Player owned structures, or for keeping personal assets in them as well. Those structures can be destroyed and the owners can prohibit access.

Anyway, +1 for thinking outside the box.

You can do so that you can not close access to the station. If you have agent approval. And yes a station can be shot down. But it is for the NPC faction you improve your standing. So because the agent must have a new station if it disappears. Can I still take missions from another agent in the same faction.

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