Missions' difficulty variance is too much

No you were not. Instead, you affirm your personal stupid judgements are facts.

You pretend circumstances, ability to restart, understanding of the errors are no matter.
They are. Your statement is absurd. Your post is stupid.

Yes, you are saying stupid things.
They are not “willing to quit”. They quit. You are again pushing your stupid opinion on people. You belong to the same toxic bunch of judgementanuses who make Eve a sith game.

You come here and give your judgemental stupid opinion about people whom you don’t know, without having been asked for it, and then derail onto a topic nobody talked about.

I did not say that, perhaps you misinterpreted my post, clouded by your own judgment?

In fact, I do think that ability to restart, or willingness to restart are a very important part of what allows players to enjoy EVE.

Some context: I believe that not every game is suitable for every potential player. Some people dislike competitive games, some do like them. Some players prefer a written story, others ike the freedom of a sandbox game, while others cannot stand the open-endedness of sandbox games. Some people want to play a game to relax, others look for a challenge. Some people look for social contacts, others for a solo experience. Some may prefer a challenging game that requires fast reflexes, another wants their challenge in the form of preparation and thinking ahead.

I am not judgmental about what kind of game people prefer, yet I do believe that not every game is suitable for everyone, simply because people have different preferences.

To come back to EVE: if someone is not willing to reflect on what they could improve after they lose a ship, they’re not going to enjoy this game.

Losing ships is simply a big part of the gameplay here, and if the first response to losing is to throw the towel and to create an I-quit thread (instead of for example asking for help, tips, a better fit), then I am very objective when I say that this may not be the right kind of game for them.

There are thousands of games, and many of them will allow you to reload a previous safe or respawn with all your items intact when you make a mistake.

I really enjoy EVE for the harsh consequences and resulting thrill and adrenaline in fights, but not everyone does, and I do not expect everyone to enjoy it either.

Again, if people notoce that EVE is not the kind of game they enjoy playing, for example because they do not enjoy a game where a mistake can lead to the loss of a shio and are willing to quit over that, I see nothing wrong with them quitting.

I did not interpret.

You claim that there are two people ; those who can play the game and those who can’t.
You claim there is no point helping, talking to, someone of the latter who will leave the game anyway.
That’s a sith’s way of thinking (“only a sith deals in absolutes”). That’s also a false dichotomy, if you want a fallacy name. You are forcing people into boxes and then judge them based on those boxes you put them in.
THEN you talk about something else, that is changing the missions.

But it’s not up to you to decide that someone else doesn’t like it when he starts the game, and won’t like it ever.
That’s just stupid.

Also that’s off topic. You are derailing the topic a bit more each time you answer.
The initial stupidity was the troll claim that all new players should think “many have played this game, they certainly cannot all be more clever than I am. I can figure this out.” which relies on several false assumptions, for example that all new players should know what other players did, or that bugs can’t appear, or that being able to do something actually stupid requires intelligence, etc.
Then you added another one in the form of “if they quit at this moment it means they are not interested in improving” which is a plain insult and you talking out of your arse.

I did no such thing, I claim that there are many people with many different preferences.

Some will like EVE, some won’t.

That doesn’t mean that people who enjoy EVE are all the same, or that people who do not enjoy it are all the same either.

The only reason ‘like EVE’ versus ‘dislike EVE’ is binary and seems absolute is because the answer to a yes/no question like ‘do you like EVE’ is binary.

Of course the answer can be much more nuanced than a simple yes/no answer, but making an I-quit thread is a good example of someone who very much dislikes the game for the reason stated in the OP.

You claimed it here

So if you remove the irrelevant talk about making L2 easier, you pretend that there was nothing to do, and that those people are in the box “can’t play eve” no matter what.

But that is off topic. Why do you bring that question up when answering to me ?
And why do you force that false dichotomy onto other people ? Just because you have a closed question somewhere, does not allow you to make judgements on people based on arbitrary boxes you placed them in. That is no “reason” to make up such a stupid argument.

No, what I claimed there is that people who quit the game upon losing a ship will likely quit the game upon losing a ship.

That’s an ‘if X then X’ kind of statement, I do not see how you can say that it is wrong.

You incorrectly interpret it as me claiming that there are ‘people who cannot play EVE no matter what’ (your words), while what I mean is that some people simply won’t enjoy EVE.

I-quit threads are a strong indication that someone doesn’t enjoy the game.

Except for the “likely” part that you just added, and the “will” that I assume should be a “would”, this means the same thing as “those people can’t play Eve no matter what”. So I correctly interpret what you wrote.

Your statement relies on the existence of an absolute dichotomy between the people who can play the game, and those who can’t.
Which makes it a loaded statement.

Any disagreement thread is an indication that someone may have something he disagrees with.

In this case the OP disagrees with some fundamentals of the game.

Nope, unless you prove your claims and how they are relevant to the topic.
So far, you are wrong, and off topic.

The topic, as I see it, is ‘quitting the game due to the risks and challenges posed by early high sec PvE’.

I’ve stayed close to that topic.

That’s the issue.
You are again forcing your opinion on someone : he does not talk about challenges.

You are talking from your own perception of the game, and force that perception on him to then judge him. That’s completely stupid.

He quite literally did.

He lost a destroyer due to a difficult (challenging) mission and did not like that they lost most of the ISK they had invested in their ship in “casual PvE”.

If you have anything else to say than ‘call their posts stupid’, ‘call it off topic’ or ‘call their posts judgmental’ I may be willing to continue this discussion.


“he does not talk about challenges”

…Title of the OP is literally Missions’ difficulty variance is too much

Are you bored and entertaining yourself or something?


you guy made a dozen of posts in this thread calling Gerard posts “stupid”, etc. That’s a fact, not my opinion forced on anybody.
you guy were insulting and disrespectful in most of your posts. that’s a fact also.
you guy would not get a beer from me at the fanfest, whereas i would offer two beers to Gerard, who takes usually much time to answer many new players in this forum with detailed and well-written suggestions
I suggest you to take a breath, have fun, and stop trying to be a forum warrior arguing about semantic. Please.


He literally did not.
You are again forcing your opinion. The game is not challenging when you die without understanding. It’s bad.
So no, he’s not complaining about the challenge. That may be correct for you(how you feel), but the topic is not how you can force your opinion on other people. Because that’s just stupid.

You were not willing to start it in the first place. You don’t discuss when you only listen to yourself. Good riddance.

I suggest you read what I wrote and answer to what I actually wrote and not what you believe of me.
I’m not arguing against semantic but against people claiming false truth and using them to put the blame on people as a way of claiming they are themselves righteous and “forum warriors”. Against people who need to hurt others to like themselves. Against those who change the words used to make it means something different, like changing “I did not expect to get crushed in a L2” into “he refuses challenge”. Because this manipulation of words is stupid.

No, someone who quit after a bad moment would not necessarily have quited later anyway. That claim is stupid, it’s not “semantic” but forcing opinion on other people who can’t answer.

I wonder how many times you use the word “stupid” in this entire thread. 3 times in the last post.
You scare me, man

It isn’t ‘manipulation of words’, it’s my interpretation of the OP.

Talking about manipulation, by only partially mentioning the message of the OP you could be considered to be manipulating their message.

The full message (added bolded part) they shared with us is

"I did not expect to get crushed in a L2, so I quit".

It’s the bolded part that I thought was an important part of their message, and it’s the bolded part that made me think they were not looking for a challenge.

Before you call my post judgmental or stupid again, please tell me:

  1. Do you agree or disagree with my addition to their message that I posted above?
    (If disagree, why do you disagree?)
  2. When someone says they ‘quit because the challenge was too great’, do you think they were looking for this level of challenge in their game?

The point is : that is not what he is saying.

When your interpretation implies judgement that was not present nor asked for, then it is manipulation.
It’s no more a discussion but you pushing your opinion onto people.

The full message should be :

If you want to interpret it by adding judgements, for example by saying he “wants to quit” or he “can’t cope with challenge”, don’t expect people to accept your manipulations.

Here is an example :
You wrote

I can interpret it as

“You failed to make any point in the topic.”
Is it correct and no manipulation, just because it’s my interpretation ? No, you clearly know that this interpretation would be stupid and would only serve as a way to push my opinions. That with such interpretation, there is no more discussion.

The same is true about your post and the other bullies’.

The part you quoted literally contains the text where they say they are quitting, because they found it [the experience of losing their ship in casual PvE] crushing.

What even are we arguing about? What is this ‘judgment’ you keep accusing me of? I simply read what they are saying.