Mistakes were made!

Mistakes were made part 4? here’s part 4 in case anyone cares

Kindly stop spamming.
Please combine your posts into a single thread.

Thank you,


This. Amusing as it is watching people do stupid things and win stupid prizes, it’s just spamming at this point.

Merged two incredibly similar threads.


We don’t, so stop the spam already.

It is not spam, it is ego masturbation :rofl:


Eww I can’t unread that!!


k this thread has gone too far i need to burn it


Ive enjoyed this.

This scammer is also trying to sell things via the sell forums. Make sure not to buy anything from this ‘user’. Original post flagged as spam.

Name checks out. :blush:

*sips coffee*


so because you do Not like me you have been flagging my sale posts as SPAM ?

noted, and reported

While it’s not allowed to call you a scammer in the sell forum, because scamming is allowed there …
here you’ll be quite out of luck.

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The beginning of the thread was interesting, the part where people don’t care but still need to be arrogant was less.

A picture is worth 1000 words, or in this case about 70 BIllion :smile:

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Did you fail it yet?

Dude I serious am not sure wtf to do… I mean if I fail it , its a permanent blemish on my contract history and that 10,000 ISK reward…

I’m asking, because it’s not on your list of contracts yet. I assume you would fail it, but maybe it just takes time until it becomes visible. You then didn’t show it either. Anyhow, that’s why I’m asking. Also, Happy Birthday!

How do you see what’s in your courier contract?

Caught her in game and asked directly. Now I get it!