Mistakes were made!

Must love these courriers


If that’s not fake then …


And also congrats to the winner of the 25b ISKs prize.

Should have used Red Frog. They’ll let you know when your courier contract is dodgy.

The contract history confirms it.

Oh my God.

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cant feel bad that decide to check whats in…i tottaly dont care what youare thinking about ny name ship, skills, first scan and someones sister was killed… do what you have to… iif prefer show how all universe how everything is not like should be but back to last subject … jazzu Krzysiek still not dec… we can back to it or whatever else…

fly… … hmm… just fly

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can I have what your smoking?


I believe he congratulates you for what you did. Sort of a hat tip.

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I saw it, had a feeling and grabbed it… I willl let the screenshot tell the rest of the story


Damn, lol. Feel bad for that guy.

Took a moment. But thats smooth.

PHorde guy, not like he’d be able to use it properly.

What’s even more funny is that the OP ONLY has failed couriers.


sb in Crime and Punishment

lol T2 Adaptive Nano Plating

I love your style, nice job and…

Hilarious !!!


Not as good as serenity’s but still pretty nice

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I endorse this product and or failing courier contracts for profit

You do realize this happens multiple times on a daily basis? Your not a special snowflake and these mistakes, although nice, are nothing special.

In case anyone’s interested https://evepraisal.com/a/jk3iu i’ve moved it to jita 4-4 and i’m willing to let it go for 650m

…inb4 mistakes were made part 4 comes up, showing a contract for 6.5b isk to buy a bunch of T2 guns.

Are those clothes supposed to be rare or something?

Honestly don’t know why anyone cares about clothes when no one can see them.

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https://evepraisal.com/a/jk76p here’s the evepraisal