MJD Triangulation Math

I am posting this because I did not find an easy to use guide on how to eyeball the jump angle to travel to intended target using MJD with two jumps and zero time spent burning the extra distance if you misjudged the angle. With the changes to the bastion module that drastically improves damage output, you want to go into bastion between jumps instead of adjusting the distance, so you want those jumps to be right on target the first time.

I will show you a quick reference table, and an easy guide on how to use it effectively with the tactical overlay.

Distance(km) Angle(°) Wedges
90 63 2.8
80 66 3.0
70 70 3.1
60 73 3.2
50 76 3.4
40 78 3.5
30 81 3.6
20 84 3.7
10 87 3.9

First column is the distance to target.
Second column is the angle you have to take to jump with MJD, it is calculated as ARCCOS(Distance/200) using simple isosceles triangle math where the equal sides are 100km each. The wedges are the sectors on the tactical overlay, where each 90 degree section is cut into four wedges 22.5 degrees each.

So you open tactical overlay with target selected, and count out the right number of wedges away from target. Your angle will always be between 3 and 4 wedges, with target 50km away right between 3 and 4, you can easily tweak the angle closer to 3 or to 4 wedges based on the distance.



Good information.

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You have to add |---|---|---| between the header row and first data row for the table to work / display properly. (See above.)


Thank you, I did not know that.


Yes indeed, and I’ll definitely 2nd that…

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